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Squarespace permissions explained

If multiple people contribute to your site, you may not want everyone to access every area of it. This is where permissions come in handy. You can give contributors permissions depending on how they contribute to your site and restrict them from settings they shouldn't see. You can even give someone multiple permissions to tailor their access to their responsibilities.

If you'd like to add a contributor only for blogging and not for logging into your site or receiving notifications, add a Basic Author.

Note: If you work on a team, it's important to keep track of who has permissions to ensure you retain access to your account as contributors leave the team. Only the Site Owner and Administrators can invite new contributors and change permission settings. 



They can

They can't

Ideal for site owners, developers, and designers

  • Access all editing and managing tools
  • Bypass site and page passwords
Not applicable
Content Editor They can They can't

Ideal for writers, content developers, and blog authors

  • Edit existing pages
  • Add and delete items on collection pages.
  • Bypass page and site-wide passwords when logged in
  • Purchase Getty Images if enabled 
  • Add new pages
  • Remove pages
  • Reorder pages
  • Open the Design panel
  • Open other panels unrelated to Pages
Billing They can They can't

Ideal for anyone who manages billing in addition to the site owner 

  • View and update billing information
  • View invoices
  • Add, edit, and remove content
  • Open the Design panel
  • Open other pages unrelated to billing
Reporting They can They can't

Ideal for anyone who needs access to Analytics

  • Open the Analytics panel
  • Open other panels unrelated to Analytics
Comment Moderator They can  They can't

Ideal for anyone who manages blog comments but can't edit content

  • Open the Comments panel
  • Mark comments as spam or approved
  • Reply to comments
  • Add, edit, or remove content
  • Open other panels unrelated to Comments
Trusted Commenter They can They can't

Ideal for frequent commenters with Squarespace accounts who can post comments without moderation


  • Comment on blogs without moderation
  • Access management areas and panels
Store Manager They can  They can't

Ideal for inventory managers and anyone who processes your Commerce orders

  • Edit existing pages
  • View orders, accounting, donations, and inventory
  • Bypass site and page passwords while logged in
  • Purchase Getty Images if enabled
  • Add and remove pages
  • Reorder pages
  • Open the Payment Options, Checkout, Notifications, Shipping, Taxes, Donations, or Discounts panels.
  • Open the Design panel
  • Open other panels unrelated to Commerce 

Who receives email notifications

Contributors receive automated email notifications from Squarespace based on their permissions and what they typically need to see. To manage your subscriptions for these emails, visit the Subscriptions tab of your contributor profile.

Note: Administrators and contributors with Billing permissions receive important emails related to your site's billing status. Since these contain essential information, it isn't possible to disable these notifications.


Administrators receive notifications about billing, comments, and Commerce orders.

Comment Moderator

Comment Moderators receive notifications about blog comments.

Billing Permissions

Contributors with Billing permissions receive notifications about billing.

Website Owner

The Website Owner receives notifications about commerce orders, billing, and verification emails for Squarespace-managed domains.

Store Manager

Store Managers receive email notifications about new Commerce orders.

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Squarespace permissions explained