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Getting started with Squarespace Email Campaigns

With our integrated Email Campaigns feature, you can send on-brand emails as beautiful as your website. Email Campaigns is currently in an Early Access period.

Email Campaigns can help you:

  • Email more efficiently - Update your site and send campaigns within the same interface. Pull key site content such as your logo, products, and blog posts directly into the body of the campaign.
  • Enhance your brand - Craft email campaigns that are a seamless extension of your site and brand.
  • View more analytics - Integrated analytics give you a more holistic understanding of your subscribers and site visitors.

Before sending your first campaign, go through the steps below.

Tip: This guide focuses on blast campaigns, which are single campaigns that you send to one or more mailing lists. To create campaigns that send automatically when people subscribe, visit Sending campaigns automatically.

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Before you begin


For a limited time, Email Campaigns is available for free to all current Squarespace customers. This period is called Early Access.

During Early Access, you can send up to 50,000 campaigns per month. For example, if your mailing list has 1,000 subscribers, you could send each of them 50 campaigns.

When Early Access ends, everything you've done will be saved, and you can continue creating drafts and mailing lists, but you'll need to purchase Email Campaigns to send campaigns.

Step 1 - Open the Email Campaigns Dashboard

Open your Email Campaigns Dashboard:

  1. Log into your site.
  2. In the Home Menu, click Marketing.
  3. Click Email Campaigns.

Step 2 - Choose a layout

To draft your first blast campaign:

  1. Click Create in the left panel.
  2. Click Blast.
  3. Choose a layout. All layouts are customizable and have the same features. You can also choose Start Blank to build a layout from scratch.
Tip: Once you've sent a campaign, you can use it to create new drafts.


Step 3 - Add and style your content

To build your campaign:

  1. Hover over the email preview. Blue boxes indicate the different sections in your email.
  2. Click any section to select it. Then use the options in the right panel to adjust style settings.
  3. Click the + icons that appear above or below a selected section to add new sections such as text, images, buttons, blog posts, or products.
  4. Click any existing text to change it.

Your draft automatically saves as you make changes. For more help, visit Building an email campaign.


Step 4 - Create a sender profile

To add the email address your campaign will be sent from, go to your Email Campaigns Dashboard, click Sender Profiles, and then click Add.

For more help, visit Creating a sender profile.

Tip: During this process, you'll be prompted to verify your email and domain to avoid spam filters.

Step 5 - Verify your email and domain

Verifying your email and domain is the best way to avoid spam filters. To see if you need to verify, go to your Email Campaigns Dashboard, click Sender Profiles, then click the profile you'll be sending from.

We recommend using a custom email address, which is an email address you own the domain for, such as

Step 6 - Build your list

To start building a list of subscribers, go to your Email Campaigns Dashboard, click Mailing Lists, and then Add.

You can add email addresses to a mailing list in a few different ways:

  • Add subscribers manually - Enter addresses yourself.
  • Import a CSV - Import a mailing list from another service, such as MailChimp or Outlook.
  • Let people sign up for your list - Add a subscription form to your website so people can add themselves to your mailing list.

For more help, visit Building a mailing list.

Step 7 - Send your email

When you're ready to send your campaign:

  1. From the Email Campaigns Dashboard, click Drafts.
  2. Click your draft, then click Actions in the top-right corner.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Complete the information in the Email panel.
  5. Click Send Test to send a test email to yourself (recommended).
  6. Click Send to Mailing Lists to officially send the campaign.

For more information and a checklist to follow before sending, visit Sending an email campaign.

Step 8 - Review analytics

Once you've sent your campaign, an overview displays in the Email Campaigns Dashboard. To see more details, click Sent, then click the campaign. If your website is on a Commerce plan (Basic and Advanced), you can also see sales resulting from the campaign in the Traffic Sources panel in Analytics.

For more help, visit Tracking email campaign analytics.

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Getting started with Squarespace Email Campaigns