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Moving from Squarespace version 7.0 to version 7.1

If you have a Squarespace version 7.0 site and want to move to the latest version of the platform, version 7.1, use the steps in this guide to get started. To move your site, you’ll start a trial on 7.1, recreate your site’s design, and move your domain.

If you have questions before you begin or during the process, you can always contact us for help. If you're unsure which version you're on, visit What's my site's version and template?

Before you begin

  • We recommend reviewing Squarespace version 7.1 vs. version 7.0. We're actively developing version 7.1, so some features on your 7.0 site may not be available in 7.1 yet.
  • New sites must use one of our current billing plans. If your current site is on a legacy plan, your pricing options may differ.

When to cancel your old site

We recommend keeping your version 7.0 site active until your new 7.1 site is complete. This ensures your visitors have a live site to visit and allows you to refer to the old content if you want to replicate it on your new site.

While working on your new site, we suggest keeping it private. You can create an Under Construction page using a lock screen or layout page. When your new site is ready, you can move your domain to the new site and cancel your old site.

How switching affects SEO

Squarespace is well-regarded for our built-in search optimized design, but moving from one site to another can affect your site’s search ranking, at least at first. This is true no matter what platform you choose. To ensure your new site is optimized before going live, follow our SEO checklist and our tips on maintaining SEO.

Start a version 7.1 trial

To get started, start a 14-day trial on Squarespace version 7.1. Trials include full access to the features available on 7.1 and are a great tool to help you decide if you want to switch versions. If you need more time at the end of the 14 days, you can extend your trial.

All sites on 7.1 use the same template, so the design you select when you start your trial is just a starting point. All the designs have access to every feature and style option.

Recreate your site’s content

The site editor looks and functions differently on version 7.1, but most page, block, and content options are the same as 7.0. Use the site editor to recreate your site’s content by copying and pasting text, re-uploading images, and rebuilding layouts.

To edit your site, click Edit in the top-left corner of the page preview. From there, you can add, edit, and delete blocks on the page, or click Edit Site Header to design and style your site header.


All pages in 7.1 are made up of page sections, including collection pages, like blog and store pages.

Page sections stack vertically to create a seamless look as you scroll down the page. You can add sections to any page type by clicking + above or below existing content.


If you use gallery pages in 7.0, use gallery sections in 7.1. They support a variety of layouts and styling options.

If you use index pages in 7.0, use page sections in 7.1 to create an effect similar to stacked index pages, or portfolio pages to create an effect similar to grid index pages.

To learn more about how 7.1 compares to 7.0, review our comparison chart.

Import products

If you sell products on your version 7.0 site, you can export your products to a .csv, then import them to your 7.1 site. It’s not possible to import other content, like pages, blog posts, or blocks.

Style your site

Version 7.1 supports robust style and design options, including font packs, color themes, and individual section styles.

You can edit global styles in Site styles. While editing a page, open Site styles, then click Font, Colors, or any of the other options to style those site elements site-wide.

You can style individual page sections by clicking the pencil icon to open section styles. Section styles override your global styles. Use section styles to make specific sections or pages stand out from the rest of the site.


Upgrade to paid service

When you’re satisfied with your new site and ready to go live, upgrade to paid service.

Keep in mind:

  • You'll upgrade to one of our current billing plans. If your 7.0 site is on a legacy plan, the price may vary from our current plans.
  • It's not possible to transfer subscriptions from one site to another.
  • You can keep your site private until the design is finished and you’re ready to add your domain.

Move your domain name

If you use a custom domain name with your version 7.0 site, you can move it to your 7.1 site after upgrading to paid service. Your options for moving the domain depend on where the domain is hosted.

Squarespace domains

If you have a custom Squarespace domain, you can move it to your version 7.1 site in the Domains panel. To learn more, follow our steps on moving a Squarespace domain between sites.

Third-party domains

If you have a third-party domain, disconnect it from your old site, then reconnect it to your new site. Keep in mind this process can take up to 72 hours, so your site may see some downtime. To learn more, follow our steps on moving a third-party domain.

If you want Squarespace to host the domain, you can transfer the domain in after it’s been disconnected. Keep in mind this process can take up to five days depending on your current domain host.

Cancel or move other subscriptions

Check for any other active subscriptions on your site that you might need to move or cancel. For example:

Cancel your version 7.0 site

After your new site is live, you’ve recreated all essential content, canceled or moved any other subscriptions related to the site, and you no longer need your old site, you can cancel your 7.0 site. The content of your canceled site will be marked for permanent deletion.

If you had remaining time in an annual subscription, contact us to see if you’re eligible for a prorated refund for switching sites.

Switch back to version 7.0

If you try building a 7.1 site and decide it doesn't meet your needs, you can keep your existing 7.0 site, or start a new one by visiting the version 7.0 template store. As with moving from 7.0 to 7.1, there's not a direct way to move all your content from 7.1 to 7.0. You can import products, copy and paste text content, and re-upload images from your computer. 


Can I switch templates?

No. All version 7.1 sites have the same features and style options, so you’re able to achieve the same look no matter which design you started with. If you need help creating a specific design, contact us.

Can I import content from version 7.0?

You can import products from 7.0 with a .csv. Importing other types of content isn’t currently supported.

Can I use the Developer Platform in version 7.1?

No. The Developer Platform isn’t currently supported for 7.1 sites.

Can I use cover pages in version 7.1?

No. To create a similar effect, add a layout page with a single page section and background image.

Where can I find information about version 7.1 in other guides?

In guides where the steps or details vary between 7.0 and 7.1, the information is divided into tabs. We also have guides specific to 7.1 features. To learn more, review our information on finding 7.1 support in the Help Center.

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Moving from Squarespace version 7.0 to version 7.1