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Page Settings

You can use Page Settings to edit a page's title, URL, thumbnail, and other options. This reference guide walks you through the universal settings available on any page and advanced features for specific page types and templates.

Note: For a general overview of pages, visit Understanding the Pages panel. To add a new page, visit Adding pages to your navigation. To move pages, visit Moving pages around your navigation.

Open Page Settings

From the Home Menu, click Pages.

In the Pages panel, hover over a page title, then click the next to the title.

The Settings window will open with at least three tabs of options: Basic, Media, and Advanced. Depending on your template and page type, there might be additional tabs. After making changes, click Save.

The next sections in this guide explain the universal settings for Basic and Advanced, followed by additional settings for specific page types.

Basic tab

Note: Some templates have a Page Layout option where you can select to display page-specific sidebars.

Media tab

  • Thumbnail/Banner Image - A thumbnail image represents the page when it's displayed in an Index. In certain templates, it may appear as a page banner.

Advanced tab

Blog Page Settings

Blog Pages feature these additional settings:

Basic tab

Note: Farro and Haute don't have the Posts Per Page option. For these templates, set how the page loads in Site Styles. 

Advanced tab

  • Post Blog Item Code Injection - Add code that appears between blog posts' content and footers. In some templates, the code appears above the post content instead. Code Injection is a Premium feature

Syndication tab

  • Apple News - Connect your blog to your Apple News channel.
  • RSS Feed Replacement URL - Add a third-party version of your RSS URL, such as one from FeedBurner. To use the RSS URL automatically generated by Squarespace, leave this field blank. To learn more about RSS and Squarespace, visit Using RSS feeds.
  • iTunes / Podcasting Setup - Click Connect to set up a Blog Page for podcasting with iTunes.

Features tab

The Features tab appears in Blog Page Settings for certain templates. Use this tab to enable or disable blog post excerpts by selecting either Excerpt or Full from the Post Display drop-down.

Product Page Settings

Products Pages feature these additional settings:

Features tab

  • Enable Quick View - Check to enable Quick View for this Product Page. This feature is only available in certain templates.
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