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Choosing the right Squarespace plan

Choosing the right plan ensures you have the features you need for your site. The Personal and Business plans are ideal for websites, while the Commerce plans have more features for online stores. You can subscribe to these plans on an annual or monthly billing cycle.

You can also purchase domains through Squarespace, reserving your site with a domain parking page. All annual Squarespace plans include a free custom domain for the first year.

Before you begin

  • We sometimes change our plans to best group features for our customers. The plans on this page reflect our current options. If you’re a continuing Squarespace customer, you might have signed up with an older plan. We continue to support older plans, but you might be interested in upgrading to access newer features. To learn more, visit Legacy billing plans.
  • Billing plans apply to individual sites only. If you have more than one Squarespace site, you’ll pay for each one separately, and each will have its own billing plan.

Pricing and billing

  • For our current pricing on any of these plans, visit our Pricing page.
  • Domain pricing varies by TLD.
  • All website plans are available in annual or monthly billing cycles. On an annual billing cycle, the average monthly cost is lower, and you can register a free custom domain for a year.
  • Domain subscriptions renew annually.

Squarespace domains (domain only)

You can purchase a Squarespace domain to reserve a URL without building a full site. The domain will redirect to a parking page, a standard minimalist design with your domain in the center and a Squarespace logo in the top corner.

This option is ideal if you’re not ready to create a website but want to claim a space on the web. After you have a domain, you can add a custom email address through Google Workspace, purchase more domains, or switch to a trial to begin building your site.

Website plans

The Personal and Business plans have features ideal for most websites. You can use a template to lay out your content, add pages to navigation menus, upload galleries of images, and more. With Business plans, you can also manage a small online shop if you don't need advanced business features in the Commerce plans.


The Personal plan is well-suited to smaller sites with one or two contributors. If you're an individual or small group looking to display work, write a blog, provide information, or establish a basic web presence, the Personal plan should meet your needs.

Key features include:


For more robust sites, choose the Business plan to invite unlimited contributors and use premium features like Squarespace Commerce, custom code, and built-in integrations with third-party services. If you need extensive content or a team of editors or admins, the Business plan is an affordable way to create and manage a site.

This plan is ideal for displaying your work, creating a home for your business, and selling products on a small shop page (for example, if you’re an artist selling prints or a band selling merchandise). The Business plan uses the same store design and checkout flow of the Commerce plans, still letting you sell unlimited items but with simplified features.

Includes all features in the Personal plan, plus:

Commerce plans

Commerce plans come in two tiers, Basic and Advanced. Both are suitable for smaller retailers new to ecommerce and larger stores with advanced marketing and shipping needs. If selling online is the primary goal of your site, this is the right option for you.


The Basic plan supports smaller businesses and ecommerce retailers who don't need advanced integrations for marketing. If your site is focused on ecommerce, you can sell unlimited items and build your online store on our commerce-focused templates.

Includes all features in the Business plan, plus:


For larger ecommerce stores that process many orders and need advanced shipping and marketing options, choose the Advanced plan to use a full set of selling tools. Use carrier calculated shipping rates to give your customers the best, most affordable shipping options.

Includes all features in the Commerce Basic plan, plus:

Mobile Start plan

If you have a trial site and you're using the iOS Squarespace app, you can upgrade to a Mobile Start plan using in-app purchase. This is a great way to get started with the paid version of Squarespace without committing to a plan with recurring payments.

Enterprise solutions

With Squarespace Enterprise, you can accelerate your business and iterate quickly with our flexible design tools.

If you're part of an enterprise looking for a customized plan with dedicated support, integrated SSO, and more, visit

Upgrade to paid service

After starting a trial at, you can select a plan whenever you're ready to upgrade to paid service.

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Choosing the right Squarespace plan