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Starting with a new domain and parking page

With Squarespace Domains, you can start your web-building journey with a domain instead of a website. Purchase a domain name, and we’ll link it to a parking page until you build a site to go with it. 

Unlike a full Squarespace website, which is designed for your content and allows for customization, your parking page is a simple, pre-designed placeholder for your domain name. Squarespace parking pages aren’t monetized, meaning visitors won’t see ads or content unrelated to your domain.

Starting with a Squarespace Domain is a great option if you’re not ready to create a website but want to claim a space on the web. Once you have a domain, you can add a custom email address through G Suite by Google, purchase more domains, or switch to a trial for a full site.

If you already have a Squarespace account, you can also use this process to purchase a domain and use a parking page in addition to your existing site(s). From there, you can move the parked domain to any active site on your account.

This guide reviews how to purchase a domain, log into your parking page, and covers some frequently asked questions.

Note: If you have a third-party domain to move to Squarespace, you can start with a domain transfer and parking page.
Note: Squarespace Domains and parking pages work best as a first step before building a site. To add a Squarespace domain to an active website, we recommend logging into your site and registering a domain in the Domains panel.

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Before you begin

  • Squarespace Domains are private by default, so your personal information won't appear in the domain’s Whois record. If you prefer, you can disable your Whois privacy after registration.
  • Squarespace Domains are billed annually.
  • All domains have an additional built-in Squarespace domain name, such as The built-in domain won't display on the parking page.
  • You can move a domain to any site under your account (associated with your email address).
  • You can rename the domain within five days of registration. 


Domain pricing is based on the TLD. For example, common TLDs like .com and .org are $20 per year, and other TLDs like .photography or .media are $30 and $50 per year.

All domains are billed annually and are set to renew automatically.

Note: You can link your domain to an eligible Squarespace site on an annual plan to receive the first year of domain service for free. Visit Free Squarespace Domain offer for details.

Purchase a domain

  1. Go to
  2. Search for the domain names you want.
  3. Follow the prompts to verify and complete your registration.
  4. Ensure that you review the automatic renewal date and our terms and conditions.
  5. After completing your purchase, you'll receive an email for each domain from with the subject "Thank You for choosing Squarespace domains." This email acts as the receipt for your domain.

Search and registration tips

  • Enter any words related to your idea, and possible domains will generate in the results below with their prices.
  • We recommend sticking to two or three words for a simpler domain name that's easy to remember. There's no word limit in the search field.
  • Choose from over 200 TLDs. The most common TLDs display at the top of search results.

Register multiple domains

  • To purchase multiple domain names at once, click additional domains in the search results.
  • These will all redirect to one parking page, with one primary domain name set as the URL that displays in the browser.
  • You can change your primary domain at any time.
  • You can link these domains to separate sites later.
  • To have each domain point to its own parking page, go through the full registration process for each domain separately. 

Verify your domain

You'll receive an email within 24 hours from with the subject line "Important: Verify Your Contact Information." Click the link in this email to validate your contact information for the domain.

Email verification is a very important step in this process. You must verify your domain from this email within 15 days of registration or it will be suspended. If your domain is suspended, unsuspend it by validating your domain via the link in the email. For more help, visit Verifying your Squarespace domain

After verifying your domain, your new domain will display in the parking page menu with a green indicator. Most domains will resolve within an hour, though it may take up to 72 hours to process. If you purchased multiple domains, all domains will connect to the same parking page with one domain set as the primary.

Log in

Once you have a verified domain, it’s linked to your parking page. You can log into this page to manage your domain, billing information, and more.

There are a few ways to log in:

  • Use the Login option on
  • Visit your parking page's URL and press Esc on your keyboard.
  • Visit your parking page’s URL, followed by /config. For example,
  • On the login page, enter your email address and password, or click the Facebook, Google, or Twitter icon if you used a social account to sign up. For more help, visit Logging into Squarespace.

Going further

Your parking page is the beginning of your domain's place on the web. While logged in, you can add additional services like G Suite or switch to a full site when you're ready.

While the guides linked below are written for users with full Squarespace sites, they also apply to parking pages:

  • To start a trial site connected to your domain, click Build A Site. We recommend exploring our different products and plans. If you sign up for an annual billing plan within one year of creating your parking page, at checkout you’ll see credit for any eligible domain linked to your parking page.
  • To get custom G Suite email addresses for this domain, click Email



All Squarespace domains are set to auto-renew annually. Your renewal date displays with each domain in the Domains panel. You'll receive an email 15 days before the renewal date letting you know you'll soon be charged for your domain subscription.

If you don't want your domain to renew automatically, disable auto-renew:

  1. In your parking page settings, click your domain name.
  2. Uncheck Auto-renew.

If you disable auto-renew and let your domain expire, someone else can register it. Even if you're not using your domain or site now, you may want to hold onto your domain for later.

What happens if my renewal fails?

If we can't charge the credit card on file for your site, your domain will remain active and past-due for 15 days. We'll make additional attempts to charge your card every five days. After the third attempt, 15 days after the payment was due, the parking page will be deactivated.

After 15 days, you'll have a 40-day grace period to renew your domain and reactivate your parking page. After 40 days (55 days total after the renewal date), the domain will be released.

Can I cancel my domain and get a refund?

Note: There is no five-day grace period or refund for domain purchases or transfers. To learn more, visit About domains.

To cancel:

  1. Log into your parking page and click the domain name.
  2. Click Cancel Domain, and then click Confirm. This can't be undone.

To learn more about refunds, visit Refund policies.


I’ve never used Squarespace before. Can I still start with a Squarespace Domain?

Yes, a Squarespace Domain is a great way to get started with Squarespace. With a parking page, you’ll get the benefits of Squarespace’s streamlined design and an introduction to the basic back-end interface. When you’re ready to build a site, we have a whole series of videos and guides to help.

Parking pages also come with 24/7 support from our Customer Care team. If you can’t find the answer in our guides, we’re always here to help.

The domain I want isn't available.

There are a few reasons why the domain might not be available. The domain you entered could already be taken, it could be a premium domain, or it might contain too many characters. Learn about our domain name restrictions in the Limitations section of our Squarespace Domains guide.

Can I use an offer code towards my domain purchase?

Yes. Apply any offer code on the Order Summary page before clicking Place Order to finalize your purchase.

If you apply an offer code to your domain purchase, you can't apply additional offer codes if you later convert your parking page to a paid site.

Can I buy a domain as a gift or switch the ownership of my parking page?

No. Parking pages can’t be switched to a different owner, meaning that the purchaser should be the one using the domain. While it’s possible to move a purchased domain to a new site, the domain can only move within the same Squarespace account. 

I’m ready to build a full site.

To turn your parking page into a website, click Build a Site in the Home Menu. Follow the prompts to select a plan and start a free 14-day website trial. Before you get started, we recommend learning how trials work and reviewing our current billing plans. When you’re ready to make your site live, switch to paid service.

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Starting with a new domain and parking page