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Using the Marquee template (discontinued)

Note: The Marquee family is discontinued. Although we still support these templates, fixing bugs or issues is a lower priority for us while we focus on our current templates. For a more modern template, we recommend switching to Brine.

Marquee, Adversary, Alex, Eamon, Ginger, Mint, and Shift are in the same template family. This means they share the same underlying structure and functionality. The directions in the Marquee guides apply to all these templates.

See the left navigation sidebar for information on building and customizing specific parts of your site.

Special features

Marquee, Adversary, Alex, Eamon, Ginger, Mint, and Shift feature parallax scrolling and customizable text overlays, giving your visitors a dynamic viewing experience.

Parallax scrolling

With parallax scrolling, banner images and videos move more slowly than the content in the foreground, creating an illusion of depth and immersion.

Full-bleed banners with customizable text overlay

Display full-width banner images and videos behind text in Index sections and at the top of any page.

Customize the page title and description text overlay to change its formatting and add buttons.

Vertically stacked Index Page

The scrolling Index Page creates a vertical layout that stacks content from multiple pages on a single page. This is great for conveying a lot of information in one location. 

Stylish blog and events

Blog and Events Pages have multiple layout options, including the elegant "column" view.


Quick start

Certain tweaks and settings can make a big impact on how your site looks and behaves. Play with the following options until you settle on a design you love.

To open any panel, press the ? key and search for its name.


Open Site Styles panel. These are some key tweaks that affect the whole site:

  • Site Header > Transparent On Banner Images and Background Color
  • Site Header > Fixed Position
  • Main Content > Content Background Color
  • Footer > Background Color

Per-page banners

To get a feel for how banners work, open the Pages panel and click the + icon to add an Events Page to your Main Navigation. Click the  to open Page Settings. Add a Page Title, Description, and thumbnail image or video URL. Then click Save and refresh the page.

Next, open Site Styles. Here are some key tweaks: 

  • Parallax Images > Parallax Scrolling
  • Parallax Images > Image Overlay and Image Overlay Color (you can adjust opacity)
  • Site Header > Transparent On Banner Images

You can add a banner like this to any Blog, Products, Events, and Regular Pages on your site.

To experiment with the banner text formatting, open Page Settings again, and add three lines to the Description field:

  • A line of regular text.
  • A line of bold text (becomes a header).
  • A line with a link in it (becomes a button). The link can't be bold and there can't be any text or line breaks below it.

Save and refresh. Then experiment with these Site Styles tweaks:

  • Page Title & Description > Hide Page Title
  • Page Title & Description > Description and Description Bold tweaks
  • Page Title & Description >Title & Description Alignment
  • Page Title & Description > Title Background and Title Background Color
  • Page Title & Description > Description Button Corner Style
  • Page Title & Description > Title & Description Position


Open your Pages panel and click the + icon to add an Index Page. Click Add Section to add Regular Pages. To get a feel for how your Index works, we suggest you add at least three pages, and give the first two thumbnail images

Save and refresh. Then experiment with these Site Styles tweaks:

  • Page Title & Description > Title Background Color
  • Parallax Images > Hide Index Nav
  • Parallax Images > Index Image Height
  • Footer > Hide Back to Top Link
Tip: Explore our help site for general help building a wedding site, restaurant site, and more.

Next step

To get started building your site, visit Structure and style.

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Using the Marquee template (discontinued)