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Adding an external link to your navigation

You can add a navigation link to any URL by selecting Link from the New Page menu.

The Link option offers more flexibility in customizing you navigation menus, as you can add a link to any page or file, including on other websites or your own site.

Tip: For other types of pages you can add, visit Adding pages to your navigation.

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Add a link

In the Home Menu, click Pages, then click the + icon.


Select Link from the New Page menu.


Set up your link

  1. Enter a title in the Link Title field, then click Click to add URL. 
  2. Enter the URL for the link.
  3. Click Save


You can link to: 

Note: We don’t recommend adding anchor links to your navigation. For more anchor link options, visit Creating anchor links.

Remove a link

To remove a link, click the link in the Pages panel, and click Remove Link in the Link Settings window.

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Adding an external link to your navigation