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Enabling and disabling pages

When you add a page, it’s automatically enabled on your live site and can be indexed by search engines. To hide a page from visitors and search engines, you can manually disable it. This can be helpful if your page is under construction or if you want to hide a page temporarily and publish it later.

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Before you begin

  • Disabled pages appear in your Pages panel when logged in, but they won’t appear on your site’s navigation or be accessible by public visitors. You can disable pages in any section of your Pages panel
  • To keep a page active, but hidden from your navigation, move it to your Not Linked section instead of disabling it.
  • To keep a page private for some visitors, but still visible on your navigation, add a page password instead of disabling it.
  • Disabling an Index Page or a folder won't disable the pages within that Index or folder. Disabled subpages won't display in an Index.

Automatically disabled pages

Your site might include pages that are automatically disabled if:

Use the steps below to enable the pages you need. You may need to change your billing plan first.

Enable a page

  1. In the Pages panel, find the page you’d like to enable.
  2. Click the Enable Page prompt at the bottom of the page.


Disable a page

  1. In the Pages panel, find the page you'd like to disable.
  2. Click the  next to the page title to open the page’s settings.
  3. Uncheck Enabled, click Confirm, and then click Save.


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