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Moving pages around your navigation

To organize your site's navigation menus, drag and drop pages around the Pages panel. This guide shows you how to reorder pages, move pages between navigation sections, and add pages to Index Pages and Folders.

Note: For general information about pages and your navigation, visit Understanding the Pages panel. To add pages to your site, visit Adding pages to your navigation.

Reorder your navigation menu

In the Home Menu, click Pages. Click and drag a page you want to move. Release the page when it's in the desired position. Refresh your browser and you'll see the change appear in your navigation menu.

Move a page between navigation section

To move a page between navigation sections, for example, from Main Navigation to Secondary Navigation, click and drag the page to the new section.

Hide a page in Not Linked

Pages in the Not Linked section don't appear in your Main Navigation. Visitors can access them at the direct URL or by clicking a link, but they won't be a part of your navigation menus. 

Click and drag a page to the Not Linked section, then release it.

Move a page to an Index or folder

Index Pages and folders are special sections that contain other pages. Click and drag a page to the indented area below an Index or Folder to add it to the collection.

Note: For more help with Index Pages and folders, visit Using the Index Page and Using folders.

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Moving pages around your navigation