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Collection pages

Collection pages are home to sets of content, such as blog posts or products. Visitors can browse collection pages to see the collection items, then click through to explore item-specific content. You can also display items from collections throughout your site using summary blocks, archive blocks, and other blocks.

This guide explains collection pages and the many ways to display your collection items.

Note: For help with collections in the Squarespace Developer Platform, visit our developer documentation.

Which page types are collections?

The following pages are collections:

With the exception of album pages, collection pages have a two-level structure. Visitors can view collection pages, like a blog page, then click individual collection items, like a blog post, to view an item-specific page.

Collection items are individual:

  • Album tracks
  • Blog posts
  • Individual events
  • Gallery images and videos
  • Portfolio sub-pages
  • Products
  • Project images and videos

You can have multiple collection pages of each type on your site. Each page supports creating, editing, and displaying collection items.

Tip: To add a new collection item, press Space while viewing a collection in the Pages panel.

Collection page sections

If your site is on version 7.1, pages are built from sections. Collection pages have a specific collection page section, which can't be deleted. This section is where the collection items display, but you can add other types of sections above and below it. To learn more, visit Collection page sections.

Displaying collection items on other pages

You can use a variety of blocks to display collection items elsewhere on your site. This way, you can create a different layout or combine collection items with other content.

Use these blocks to display collection items in block content areas elsewhere on your site:

Tip: To remove collection pages from navigation menus without affecting how their items display in the blocks above, move the collection pages to Not linked. This is a popular option when using summary blocks and gallery blocks to display items on other pages.

Filtering collections using tags and categories

You can organize collection items by adding tags and categories. This way, you can display items with specific tags or categories on other pages, or create links to filtered results.

For detailed steps, visit the following guides:

Duplicating collection items

You can duplicate individual items in collections. This is useful if you have layouts for blog posts or events that you want to reuse, or if you want to sell multiple similar products. To learn more, visit Duplicating pages and content.

Moving items between collections

If you have multiple collection pages of the same type, you can move items between them. This is useful if you want to split a collection page into multiple pages, or if you want to merge two or more collections of the same type. To learn more, visit Moving content between pages.

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