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Merging Squarespace accounts

If you created multiple Squarespace sites and used different email addresses or social accounts to sign up, you’ll have different Squarespace sites associated with different accounts.

To merge accounts, follow this guide to manually move all your sites under one account. There’s not currently a more direct way to merge accounts.

Tip: This guide covers how to streamline your own Squarespace accounts. To transfer ownership of a Squarespace site to someone else, visit Changing site ownership.

Choose your primary account

First, choose the account that’s using the email address or social account you want to use to log in. Merging accounts involves changing ownership, so it’s important to know which login you want to use.

Throughout this guide, we’ll refer to this as your “primary account.” We’ll refer to the account you don’t want to use as your “secondary account.”

If you’re not sure what email addresses you use to log in, visit Recovering your account email address.

Merge your accounts

Follow these steps to consolidate all your Squarespace sites under one account login:

  1. Log into your secondary account.
  2. Find all the sites and other subscriptions associated with this account in your account dashboard.
  3. On each, invite your primary account’s email address as a contributor, then log out.
  4. In a private or incognito browser, log into your primary account’s email address and accept those invitations.
  5. Log back into your sites and other subscriptions through the secondary account.
  6. Change ownership to your primary account.

Remove your secondary account (optional)

After transferring ownership of all your sites and subscriptions to your primary account, you can:

  • Remove your secondary account as a contributor. This means you won’t see your secondary account in the permissions panel, and you won’t be able to log in using your secondary account’s email address.
  • Request to permanently delete your secondary account. To do this, first remove your secondary account as a contributor, then ensure that the secondary account has no active subscriptions associated with it. Note that by doing this, you’ll never be able to use this account’s email address with Squarespace again.

Next steps

You may need to update other areas of your sites after merging accounts:

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