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Permanently deleting your account

Permanently deleting your account removes your data and content from our databases. At this time, we only delete accounts by request through this form or via email to We don’t offer the ability for customers to delete their own accounts.

Before you request to delete your account, follow this guide to:

  • Understand what happens when we delete your account.
  • Make sure it’s what you really want to do.
  • Take a few steps to prepare. For example, you’ll need to cancel all subscriptions first.
  • Learn how to submit the request.

What happens when your account is deleted

Deleting your account terminates that account’s relationship with Squarespace. Here’s what we mean:

  • We’ll permanently erase your account from our databases.
  • We won’t be able to restore any of your information or content.
  • If you connected your Squarespace account to Unfold, we'll permanently erase your Unfold data.
Tip: Consider alternatives that won’t permanently delete your information:

What happens to a deleted contributor’s blog posts

If a contributor is deleted and they created any blog posts, those posts won’t be deleted. Instead, the contributor will convert to a basic author. That basic author will become the author of all of those posts.

At that point, the site owner can decide to remove the basic author, which will permanently delete that basic author from our database. When removing the basic author, the owner must select a new author in its place.

Prepare to delete your account

There are a few steps you should take before requesting to delete your account. If you submit a request and haven’t taken the required steps, we’ll ask you to do so. We want you to have control over your information and services you purchased.

Step 1 - Export content from active sites (optional)

While not required, if you still have active, paid websites, you can export your content. Since the export file won’t have everything on your site, you might want to copy or download all text and images separately.

Step 2 - Download invoices (optional)

While not required, it might be helpful to keep copies of invoices for every payment you’ve made to Squarespace. To learn how to download and print your invoices, visit Reviewing your Squarespace account invoices.

Step 3 - Cancel other subscriptions (required)

If you're planning to delete any sites where you're the owner, you'll need to cancel any add-on subscriptions first:

Step 4 - Transfer or cancel Squarespace domains (required)

If you're planning to delete any sites where you're the owner, you'll need to cancel or transfer any associated Squarespace domains first:

If you want to...

Follow these steps

Use a different provider to host your website

Transfer your domain away

Keep your domain parked with another provider without an active website

Transfer your domain away

Lose ownership of your domain

Choose from these options:

  • Disable auto-renew. Your domain will expire at the end of its current billing cycle. You may still receive expiration notices after your account is deleted.
  • If you registered the domain in the last five days, cancel it.

To learn more about these options, visit What to do with your domain if you leave Squarespace.

Step 5 - Take action with your website subscriptions (required)

If you’re the owner of any websites, choose from these options:

If you want to...

Follow these steps

Remove active websites with paid subscriptions

Cancel the subscriptions. After they’re cancelled, delete the sites.

Remove cancelled or expired sites

Delete them

Remove trial sites you never upgraded

Cancel and delete them

Keep sites active after you leave Squarespace

Transfer ownership to someone else

If you used Scheduling as a standalone subscription, remove it from your account dashboard after cancelling.

Step 6 - Tell the site owner (optional)

If you’re a contributor to a site that you don’t own but will stay active, consider telling the site owner that your account will be deleted, as your name on any content you've authored, such as blog posts, will be converted to a basic author.

Step 7 - Take action with your Unfold account (optional)

If you connected your Squarespace account to Unfold, we'll delete your Unfold data and content with your Squarespace account. Visit Permanently deleting your Unfold data to learn how to prepare your Unfold data for deletion.

Request to delete your account

After preparing to delete your account, there are two methods to request the account removal. You can either fill out this form or email us at


You’ll be prompted to log in to verify that you’re the account owner. We’ll reply to your account email address to confirm your request and will also send an email confirmation when your account deletion has been processed.

By email

Send an email to requesting account deletion.

If you have a Squarespace 7 account:

  • Use the subject line Delete my account.
  • Send the email from the address you typically use to log into Squarespace.

If you have a Squarespace 5 account:

  • Use the subject line Squarespace 5 - Delete my account.
  • Send the email from your account email address.

You’ll receive a response with a link to this guide. If you’ve already completed the steps to prepare your account for deletion, respond to that message to confirm and complete your deletion request.

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Permanently deleting your account