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Building a restaurant site

A beautiful site extends your restaurant's brand and helps customers find your menu, locations, hours of operation, and latest specials. This guide reviews how to pick a starting design for your site and how to add common features including menus, reservations, hours, and location.

Start with a restaurant design

While all Squarespace sites have the built-in design tools to create an exciting, original restaurant site, you may want to start with a design from the Restaurants category of the template store. These food-focused designs show off your cuisine while keeping key details front and center.

To get started, visit the template store and select Restaurants in the menu on the left. This filters the designs to only show restaurant-focused templates. Click Preview on any design, or click Start With to create a new site using that design.

To learn more, visit Choosing the right template.

Choose your billing plan

When you upgrade to paid service, keep in mind some features mentioned in this guide are premium features only available on Business and Commerce plans, including:

If you decide you need more or less features for your website, you can change your billing plan at any time.

Offer online ordering

Increase pickup and delivery orders by adding online delivery links to your site. We recommend Tock, our all-in-one tool for managing reservations, orders, tables, and events. You can add a reservations block or a navigation link leading to your Tock delivery options.

If you use another external ordering service, like DoorDash, Caviar, or Seamless, add a navigation link to highlight your delivery options on every page of your site.

To add a navigation link to your delivery order page:

  1. In the Home menu, click Pages.
  2. Click the + icon next to the section where you want to add a link.
  3. In the Create New Page menu, select Link.
  4. In the link editor, enter the navigation link text under Link Title, like Delivery or Order Now.
  5. Under Link, add the URL visitors should use to place an order. This is sometimes called your "ordering link."
  6. Click Save.
  7. To change the placement of your link in the navigation menu, move it in the Pages panel.

For more help with navigation links, including how to create them in the Squarespace app, visit Adding links to your navigation.

Alternatively, with our ChowNow integration, visitors can view your menu, submit an order, and pay using a collapsible ChowNow ordering page.


Display hours and location

You can prominently display your hours and location information in several ways:


Add your menus

Use a menu page layout or section to create clear, stylish menus that blend with your site’s design. Both include a menu block where you can add your restaurant's menu. Unlike .pdfs, all text in the menu block is indexable by search engines, which can help your SEO.

If you have more than one menu, you can place multiple pages with menu blocks in a folder to create a drop-down menu. To learn more, visit Adding drop-down menus to your navigation with folders.


Use imagery

Beautiful images help promote your restaurant's identity, space, and cuisine. Use the following features to add images:

Take reservations


Tock is our all-in-one tool for managing reservations, orders, tables, and events. You can add Tock booking to take reservations on your Squarespace site using a reservations block.


If you're part of the OpenTable network, you can use the OpenTable block to take bookings and reservations.

Via phone or email

If you'd like customers to call or email, display an email address and phone number on the homepage or contact page. This can help your business feel friendly and accessible.

For help formatting email addresses and phone numbers as links, visit Adding links to your site.

Sell food and perishables online

You can sell items directly to customers through your site without solely relying on local retailers. Here are a few tips:

  • If you sell products customers buy regularly, like coffee, create subscription products to bring in predictable, recurring revenue.
  • Display a stocklist to list retailers that carry your products.
  • Create regional shipping zones to offer location-based shipping, delivery, or pickup options.
  • Sell gift cards for customers to use on your online store. Keep in mind gift cards won't work with the ChowNow integration.

To learn more about adding an online store to your site, visit Getting started with Squarespace Commerce.

Promote social sharing

If your restaurant is active on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, or other social media platforms, you can promote your profiles by displaying social icons. To learn more, visit Adding social icons.

Optimize for search engines

Including your physical location on your site helps Google identify your location and promote your results in local searches. Although search engines use complex algorithms and results can't be guaranteed, signing up for Google MyBusiness, verifying your site with Google Search Console, and following these best practices can help your restaurant's search ranking.

Use Tock for all-in-one restaurant management

We recommend using Tock, our all-in-one tool for managing reservations, orders, tables, and events. You can add Tock booking to your Squarespace site using a reservations block, and we're developing more ways for Squarespace users to harness Tock's technology.

To learn more about Tock and Squarespace, visit Using Tock for restaurant and event management.

Next steps

This is just the beginning of your restaurant's new site. Every restaurant is different, and you can use the following guides to customize your site for your unique vision:

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