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Understanding social sharing with Squarespace

Connect with a wider audience and increase your site’s reach by taking advantage of Squarespace’s social sharing tools and integrations. Social sharing features include:

  • Pushing new site content to your social accounts in real time
  • Pulling social media content directly into your site
  • Linking social icons on your site to your social accounts
  • Linking from social media to specific elements on your site, such as individual blog posts or products for sale

This guide explores all the different ways you can use social media with Squarespace to create a connected online presence.

Link to your accounts with social icons

Social icons are links to your social accounts. When visitors click an icon, they'll be taken to the connected social profile.

Push content from your website to social media

Pushing content to social media is a great way to save time if you want to cross-post new content. You can push content from your site directly to the following services:

You can also share content by manually sharing URLs.

Tip: You can create and automate social media posts, increase traffic, and boost sales by connecting the Outfy extension. While we work with third-party services to ensure Squarespace Extensions work properly, extensions fall outside our scope of support. We can help with connecting or disconnecting your extensions. For all other questions, contact the extensions provider directly.

Pull content from social media to your website

Add social blocks to display posts from social networks on your site. You can add blocks for:

Help visitors share your content with Share buttons

Version 7.1 doesn't support built-in share buttons.

Share buttons prompt visitors to share your content with their own social networks. Depending on your template, Share buttons appear below collection items (like blog posts) or at the bottom of collection pages.

When visitors click the share button, they can craft a message to accompany your content and post directly to their social networks.

Share content with Unfold

Use the Unfold mobile app to extend your brand's presence across social media. With Unfold, you can share unique stories and posts, create a Bio Site of important links, and more. Visit Unfold mobile app to get started.

Measure social traffic to your site

Visit traffic sources in analytics to see which social networks are driving the most traffic to your site.

Watch a video

Watch this video from our All About Images Series for tips on using your site's images in social sharing.

More options

Beyond social icons, you can also:

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Understanding social sharing with Squarespace