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Understanding social sharing with Squarespace

You can connect with a wider audience by linking your site to your social media profiles and pushing content as you publish it. Adding social features like Share and Pinterest Save buttons help visitors share your content on their own, further increasing your site's reach. This guide explores different ways you can use social media with Squarespace to create a connected online presence.

Add social icons

You can display social icons on your site after connecting your accounts. In most templates, social icons will display automatically with a template-specific design that you can customize in Site Styles. If your template doesn't display social icons automatically, you can add them using the Social Links Block.

When visitors click an icon, they'll be taken to the connected social profile.

Here's an example of what social icons may look like on your site. 


You can add social icons for all connected accounts except Dropbox

Add Share buttons

After connecting your accounts, you can prompt visitors to share your content with their own social networks. Depending on your template, Share buttons appear below collection items or at the bottom of collection pages.

When visitors click the share button, they can craft a message to accompany your content and post directly to their social networks.

Here's an example of what Share buttons look like on your site.


You can add Share buttons for the following services: 

Push content from your website to social media

Connect your accounts to begin automatically sharing content on social media. Enabling this feature is a great way to save time if you want to cross-post new content. You can push content from your site directly to the following services: 

Tip: You can also share content by manually sharing URLs.

Pull content from social media to your website

After connecting your accounts, you can add Content Blocks to display posts from social networks on your site. Content Blocks can be used with the following services: 

Measure social traffic to your site

Visit Traffic Sources in Analytics to see which social networks are driving the most traffic to your site.

Troubleshoot social sharing

Watch a video

Tip: Find more Social guides by exploring the left navigation.

More options

Beyond social icons and Share buttons, you can also:

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Understanding social sharing with Squarespace