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Getting started with Squarespace Commerce

Squarespace Commerce is a set of features for selling products and managing orders online. By connecting a payment processor, you can process credit card transactions, accept PayPal, issue refunds, and receive donations. With templates designed specifically for online commerce, you can create eye-catching arrangements of products, promote sales, and much more. For every sale you make, Squarespace collects a transaction fee, which varies by plan.

Commerce and payment processors are Premium features available in Business and Commerce plans.

Create your store

Follow this checklist to create your store. Click the links for detailed steps:

  1. Add a Store Page.
  2. Add products individually, or import them from a .csv file or a different eCommerce platform. You can sell gift cards, and physical, digital, and service products as a single purchase or recurring subscription.
  3. Create rules for shipping and taxes.
  4. Connect a payment processor (Stripe, PayPal, or both).
  5. Run a test order.
  6. Take your store live.
  7. Fulfill orders.

After your store is live, explore the sections below to learn more about customizing, marketing, and measuring the success of your online store.

Style your Store Page

Customize your Store Page to match your brand. You can change fonts and colors, and enable special features like hover effects, quick view, and more.

Customize checkout

Customize your store’s checkout experience in Checkout Settings:

Customize customer email notifications

Your customers receive automated transactional emails confirming their purchase or refund, and alerting them if there's an issue processing their payment. Customize these emails in the Customer Notifications panel.

Market your products

Use Squarespace's marketing tools to draw customers in and encourage purchasing.

Measure results

Use Squarespace Analytics to get a clear picture of visitor behavior and revenue. Advanced Commerce Analytics, like Sales by product and Purchase funnel analytics, are available for the Commerce Basic and Advanced plans.

Sell in person with Point of Sale

If you sell products at markets or craft fairs, use our integration with Square to take in-person cash or card payments that integrate with your online store. Using the Squarespace Commerce App with a supported Square Reader, sales you make in person will update your online store’s inventory, display in the Orders panel, and factor into your Sales Analytics. To learn more, visit Selling in person with Squarespace Point of Sale.

More help

In addition to our guides, we offer other resources to help you make the most of Squarespace Commerce:

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Getting started with Squarespace Commerce