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Tagging products on Instagram

You can use Squarespace's integration with Instagram Shopping to tag products in posts and stories. When you tag a product, Instagram users can view details and tap a View on Website button to buy the product on your site.

This Instagram integration is a great way to reach your audience where they’re already spending their time, share products with followers, and attract new customers.

This feature is available in the Commerce Basic and Advanced plans

Before you begin

Tagging products on Instagram requires setup on three different platforms: Squarespace, Facebook, and Instagram. You'll add products directly to your Squarespace site, import those products into a catalog in your Facebook Business Manager, then tag those products in your Instagram posts and stories.

Before you begin, you must:

Set up Instagram Shopping

For full instructions on how to set up Instagram Shopping, visit Instagram's guide.

Tips for importing your Squarespace Inventory to Facebook Business Manager

In the process of opening an Instagram shopfront, you'll create a catalog in Facebook Business Manager and import your Squarespace products into the new catalog.

This catalog is separate from Facebook ads; if you already have a catalog for Facebook ads, still follow all steps in the Facebook guide to create another catalog for Instagram Shopping.

Note: Before importing your products into the catalog, ensure your site is public and disable your site-wide password—or page-specific password if it applies to your store page. You can enable it after the import is complete.

When you create your Facebook Business Manager catalog:

  • Select Ecommerce as the inventory type.
  • Select Upload product info as your method for adding inventory.
  • Add your products to the catalog by importing them using a Scheduled data feed. You'll be prompted to enter a data feed URL, which you can find in your Squarespace site:
    1. In the Home menu, click Marketing, then click Products on Instagram.
    2. Click Copy.
Tip: Even if you have a custom domain, the data feed URL uses your built-in domain. This URL is only used to connect your site to Facebook and won't be visible to online shoppers. All public-facing links to your products use your primary domain.

You'll also be prompted to select how often you want your inventory to be updated. If you want Facebook to automatically update your inventory each time a new version is detected, switch the Add automatic updates toggle on.

What imports from Squarespace to your Inventory data feed

The following information imports with each product in your inventory:

  • ID - A unique identifying number
  • Title - The product name
  • Description - The primary product description. Text from the additional info section isn't imported.
  • Price - The lowest price for the product (not the full price range).

Instagram Shopping approval

After you've correctly linked your Instagram business profile and Facebook Business Manager account and imported your inventory, Instagram will review your catalog. There's no submit button or application—Instagram automatically begins the review process after everything is set up correctly. This can take several days or longer, and the timing is out of Squarespace's control.

After your catalog is approved, you’ll get a notification in the Instagram app, and you’ll see a Shopping option in your Instagram account.

Tag products in Instagram

After your catalog is approved, the option to tag products will be available for every new story, new post, and your previous posts. For help, visit Instagram's documentation.

Keep in mind:

  • When you add a new product to your catalog, it'll be available to tag on Instagram based on the import schedule you selected during the catalog setup process.
  • If you can’t tag products, visit Instagram's troubleshooting guide.

Choose a tag link destination

When someone taps a product tag on Instagram, they'll see more product details and a View on Website button. The button can either open that product's details page or the checkout page with the product pre-selected for purchase.

To choose where the button sends users:

  1. In the Home menu, click Marketing, then click Products on Instagram.
  2. Under Tag Link Destination, select Product details page or Checkout page.
  3. Click Save to publish any changes.

If you select Checkout page, product tags will still open the product details page if:

Tip: Changes made to your Instagram tag link destination won't go into affect until your next scheduled inventory update. You selected an update schedule when you first set up Instagram Shopping. Alternatively, you can manually trigger a new upload from your Facebook Catalogue Manager.

Track success in analytics

After tagging products in Instagram, visit Traffic Sources to measure success and track conversion.


Error messages

You may see these error messages in your Facebook account:

  • "Blank google_product_category" - You can ignore this message. The field isn’t used by Instagram and won’t affect your ability to tag products.
  • "Unsupported file format" - If you see this message after importing your data to Facebook, visit Facebook’s documentation to troubleshoot the issue.
  • "Universal IDs Are Missing" - If your site doesn't have a site title, this message will appear after you import your products to Facebook. Add a site title to resolve the error.
  • Products appear to be out of stock in the shop on my Facebook Page - This is expected. This guide is for importing products to your Facebook Business Manager catalog, which is required for tagging products on Instagram and is unrelated to Facebook Page shops.
  • Products appear sold out on Instagram - This is expected, as your product inventory is based in your Squarespace site and not in an Instagram store. In other words, you're selling products on your Squarespace site through Instagram's platform, rather than on Instagram directly.

Afterpay and Clearpay

Customers may have trouble checking out with Afterpay or Clearpay using Instagram's mobile browser. To use these payment methods, we recommend checking out on a computer.

Who to contact for support

Instagram, Facebook Business Manager, and Instagram's approval process fall outside the scope of Squarespace support.

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Tagging products on Instagram