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Adding and resizing images

Using images is a great way to break up text, highlight your products or portfolio, and showcase your brand’s personality. After you add images to pages on your site, you can resize them to make your images bigger or smaller on the page.

Every Squarespace site also has responsive design. This means the sizes of your images automatically change, depending on the device each visitor uses to visit your site. In this guide, we show different ways to add, resize, and customize your images.

Add images

There are many ways to add images to your site. Ensure you follow our formatting guidelines to help your images look great on any device. You can:

Stock images

If you don't have your own images, you can add stock images through our partnerships with Unsplash and Getty Images. You can also reuse any stock or uploaded image in other areas of your site.

Resize images

After you add images, you might want to make the images bigger or smaller on the page. For example, an image could be too large, overwhelming the rest of the page’s content. Or your logo might be too small, making it difficult to read. How you resize an image depends on how you added it to your site.


To reduce the width of any block, add other blocks next to it. For example, if you add a spacer block next to an image block, it reduces the size and width of the image block by half. You can then change the width of the spacer block to make the image block larger or smaller.

Many blocks have ​​other options to further customize the image size and shape:

  • Image blocks - Use the cropping handle to change the height of inline and poster blocks image blocks.
  • Gallery Blocks - Depending on the layout, you can crop or resize images.
  • Summary blocks - Use design settings to change how your images appear.
  • Instagram blocks - Use settings to choose a design and change the aspect ratio.

Pages and sections

Other areas of your site

Advanced image options

Go beyond the basics with interactive images, like animations, image shapes, and animated .gifs.

Tip: To make changes to your original image file dimensions, we recommend using third party image-editing software. For example, if you uploaded an image that’s 600px x 600px, but you want it to be 400px x 400px, you’d edit the image on your device, then upload it again to your site.

Next steps

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