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Upgrading to paid service

You can upgrade your free trial to a paid subscription during your trial or after it expires. In this guide, you’ll learn how to upgrade in the Billing panel and what to expect next.

All new Squarespace sites are private by default, although you can set up a site-wide password during your trial. When you upgrade, you can make your site public to all visitors and search engines.

By upgrading to a paid subscription, you’ll have access to more features and integrations like the ability to license images from Getty Images and purchase custom email from G Suite by Google.

Tip: If your site is already live but you want to gain access to Premium features, upgrade to Website Business Plan or higher by changing your billing plan.

Before you begin

  • Double-check your URL to ensure you're logged into the correct site.
  • You can use our site launch checklist to ensure your site is ready to publish.
  • Site owners and contributors with Billing permissions can upgrade from a trial to a paid subscription. In most cases, the site owner is the person who created your site. If a different person needs to upgrade, transfer site ownership or invite them as a contributor with Billing permissions.
  • When you upgrade, you'll see options for Website and Commerce plans. To learn more, visit Choosing the right Squarespace plan.
  • You can also upgrade to a Mobile Start plan in the iOS Squarespace App or iOS Commerce App.
  • After upgrading, you can switch billing plans at any time.


For our current pricing and billing plans, visit our Pricing page.

Plans may be subject to state and local sales taxes. If your plan is subject to tax, you’ll see it added at checkout. To learn more, visit our guides on taxes in the United States, European Union, or Australia.

Accepted payment methods

You can use these accepted payment methods for Squarespace billing. If you're experiencing issues, visit Why was my card declined at checkout?

Accepted currencies

You can use these accepted currencies for Squarespace billing. The currency you select for your first payment will be used for all payments and subscription renewals connected to the website.

It isn’t possible to change your site's currency after your first payment.

Step 1 - Check your site

Before making changes, ensure that you’re viewing the site you want to upgrade. This step is important if you have multiple Squarespace sites (including trial sites) under one account.

To check your site, go to the Home Menu, scroll down, and click your profile picture or initials. This opens a menu of all Squarespace sites connected to your account, including active, trial, and expired sites.

Sites with an active trial display an Upgrade button. Select the correct site from the menu.

Step 2 - Click to upgrade

Click Upgrade Now in the banner at the bottom of the browser window.

Step 3 - Select a plan

After clicking the button to upgrade, you'll see the available plans, along with pricing and features. Select a plan that meets your needs.

  • To continue using Premium features, upgrade to the Website Business plan or higher.
  • For current plans and pricing, visit our Pricing page.
Note: If you created your trial site before December 1, 2017, and your site has more than 20 active pages, you might need to disable pages to select certain plans. To learn more, visit Legacy Personal plan limits.

Step 4 - Select a billing term

After selecting a plan, select a billing cycle. We offer two options: Annual or Monthly.

  • Annual - Pay in advance for a year of service. Your credit card is automatically billed on the same day each following year. This option comes with a free eligible domain for the first year of service.
  • Monthly - Pay in advance for your first month. Your credit card is automatically billed for service on the same day each following month.

Step 5 - Enter billing information and subscribe

Enter payment details

In the next window, enter your credit card information:

  • Full Name, Credit Card NumberExpiration, CVC - The cardholder name and last four digits of your card will appear on your invoices. To have a company name appear on your billing invoices, enter it in the Full Name field.
  • Country and Postal Code
  • Optional: If you selected an EU country, you can enter a Business Name and VAT Registration Number for VAT exemption.

Click Continue To Review.

Review payment details

  • The amount next to Due Today displays the total amount that will be charged to your payment method today.
  • Your next payment date appears in the text below the payment details. We recommend reviewing this before subscribing.
  • If you have an offer code, enter it in the Promo Code field, then click Apply
  • All sites are set to auto-renew to ensure continuous service. You can disable auto-renew at any time after upgrading.


Ensure the plan, payment details, and amount are correct, then click Confirm And Purchase to subscribe. If your bank is located in the European Economic Area (EEA), you may need to authorize the purchase

Next steps

Congratulations—your Squarespace site is now upgraded! Here are some things to know now that you have a paid site:

Check your Site Availability

Get more subscriptions

  • If you selected an annual billing cycle, you're eligible for a free domain for the first year of service.
  • Use our integration with Getty Images to license stock images for your site.
  • Purchase a custom email address for your domain using our integration with G Suite.

Review your billing information

  • Visit the Billing panel to view invoices, update your billing information, or switch to a new plan.
  • To learn more about Squarespace billing, visit Billing basics.

Premium features and the Personal plan

If you used Premium features on your trial site, we recommend choosing the Website Business plan or higher so you can continue using them.

If you used Premium features in the trial and choose the Personal plan, Premium features will no longer be available on your site. To enable Premium features in the future, you can upgrade your plan at any time.

I upgraded the wrong site

It's not possible to transfer a subscription from one site to another. If you think you upgraded the wrong site by mistake, cancel the site and upgrade the correct one:

  1. Review your sites in your Account Dashboard and find the one you want to upgrade, confirming it's still a trial.
  2. Log into the incorrectly upgraded site and cancel it.
  3. Log into the trial site you want to upgrade and click Upgrade Now.
Tip: Depending on your billing plan and how long the incorrect site was active, you may not be eligible for an automatic refund. To learn more, review our refund policies.
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