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Creating an About page

An About page is a staple of nearly every professional site. This guide includes tips for adding an About page to your Squarespace site.

Tip: If you're working in a new site, your template may already have a demo About page that you can copy, allowing you to skip to Step 2. If your template comes with this page, open it, click Edit, and then click Create in the message to customize the example content. To learn more about demo content, visit Working with demo content

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Step 1 - Add a Regular Page

In the Home Menu, click Pages, then click the + icon.

In the New Page menu, select Page. This adds a Regular Page to your site.

Enter a title for the page (for example, “About”).

Then select a starter layout. We recommend the following options:

  • Blank is a blank slate where you can add different combinations of blocks to form a custom layout of text, images, and content. This is a great option if you already know how you want to structure your About page.
  • About layouts offer three designs with a mix of body text, headers, and images. Replace placeholders with your own content or go beyond the starter layout by adding and rearranging blocks.

Click Start Editing to begin adding content.

Step 2 - Add content

The sections below cover the common blocks seen on About pages. You can use all of these methods, or just pick the ones that work for your site.

To add any of these blocks, click an Insert Point or the + icon, then select from the Block Menu. For more help, visit Adding blocks.

Add a bio or history

Use a Text Block to add a bio, company description, or brief history to your About page.

  • Use the Heading styles to add headings.
  • Use the Normal style to add body text.


Combine text and images

Use Image Blocks to add images like headshots, team photos, and other visual elements. You can pair these images with Text Blocks, even floating images in wrapped text to create unique layouts.

Link to social profiles

Use a Social Links Block to add icons or buttons that lead to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social profiles. Ensure you've already connected the accounts you want to link to in the block.

Add testimonials

Use Quote Blocks to add quotes from clients you want to stand out from other text. 

Add clients or previous customers

You can use a Grid Gallery Block to display logos of previous clients or customers. To link each logo to the clients’ websites, use clickthrough URLs.

Arrange the layout

After you've finished adding blocks, drag and drop them around the page to create a custom layout. Then click Save to publish your changes.

To learn how to move blocks, visit Moving blocks or Building a page.

Next steps

After saving your About page, you might want to:

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