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Using the Galapagos template

Galapagos is a great template for building an online store with minimum fuss. With fewer style tweaks than other store templates, Galapagos's layout sets you up for success with a tried-and-true, elegant eCommerce design. Choose from several product layouts and special on-hover photo options to give your customers an interactive shopping experience.

See the left navigation sidebar for information on building and customizing specific parts of your site. If you haven't yet picked a template, you can get help with initial installation at Getting started with Squarespace. You can also visit our general tips on getting started with Commerce.

Note: Visit the Galapagos Live Preview page for examples of real customer sites using this template. If you've already created a site, you can switch your template at any time.

Special features

Designed for commerce

Galapagos offers a variety of eye-catching features to help your products stand out, such as Quick View, Product Image Zoom, and on-hover effects. Customers can filter products with category navigation. Visit Galapagos Products Pages to learn more.

Customizable navigation

Choose from several adjustable styles for your Main Navigation. Add additional links to the Footer Navigation. Learn more at Galapagos structure and style.

Unique mobile branding

Display unique site branding in mobile view. To learn more, visit Galapagos mobile style.

Background tint

Separate the main content area from the header and footer with a subtle background tint. Learn more at Galapagos structure and style.

Quick start

Certain tweaks and settings can make a big impact on how your site looks and behaves. Play with the following options until you settle on a design you love.

To open any panel, press the ? key and search for its name.


Open the Site Styles panel. These are some key tweaks that affect the whole site:

  • Site Wide > Site Width
  • Site Wide > Background Color
  • Navigation > Nav Style

Products Page

To create an online shop, add a Products Page with at least three products. Save and refresh. Then open Site Styles and experiment with these tweaks:

  • Product Grid > Product Grid Style
  • Product Grid > Product Size and Product Spacing
  • Product Grid > Product Info Style and Product Info
  • Product Grid > Product Accent Color and Product Info Font
Tip: Enable Quick View in Page Settings.

Next step

To get started building your Galapagos site, visit Galapagos structure and style.

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Using the Galapagos template