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Member Areas pricing, billing, and invoices

This guide covers billing plans for Member Areas and important details about managing your subscription. You’ll manage billing for Member Areas directly through your Squarespace account. We charge the same card you use to pay for your site.

Before you begin

Member Areas plans and pricing

Member Areas is available on all Squarespace plans at an additional cost. For current pricing by billing plan, visit our Member Areas page.

This table reviews the differences between Member Areas plans. You can change your billing plan at any time.

  Starter Core Pro
Number of member areas 1 3 10
Transaction fees 7% 4% 1%

Selecting the right Member Areas plan

Selecting the right plan ensures you have the right number of member areas to organize your gated content. The Starter plan is ideal for creators with a single audience, while the Core and Pro plans allow for unique collections of members-only pages. All plans are available in annual or monthly billing cycles and you can change your plan at any time. On an annual billing cycle, the average monthly cost is lower.

Member Areas transaction fees apply to every membership sold through your site. If you expect to sell a large number of memberships, we recommend the Core and Pro plans for their lower transaction fee percentages. For example, the difference between a Core and Starter plan billed annually is $108 USD per year. If you’re on an annual Starter plan and sell more than $3,600 in memberships per year ($300 per month), you’ll pay more in transaction fees than the difference between the plans. In that case, you’ll save by upgrading to the Core pricing plan.

Regardless of your pricing plan, there’s no limit to the number of members who can purchase access to your member areas.

Subscribe to Member Areas

You can create member areas and add pages to them without an active Member Areas subscription. Only after you’ve subscribed, however, can visitors to your site sign up and purchase memberships to your gated pages. You must have an active website subscription to sign up for Member Areas.

To subscribe to Member Areas:

  1. In the Home menu, click Settings, then click Member Areas.
  2. Click Select plan at the bottom of the Member Areas panel.
  3. If your site is on a trial, you'll choose a website plan first. Click either a Monthly or Annual billing cycle, then select the website plan you want for your site. If you have an offer code, you can enter it during this step.
  4. In the Member Areas plan panel, click either a Monthly or Annual billing cycle.
  5. Select the Member Areas plan that fits your needs.
  6. If prompted, enter your payment information, then click Save and continue.
  7. Click Confirm and purchase.
Note: If you subscribe to a Commerce plan and already use PayPal as a payment processor, you may see a warning message at checkout regarding PayPal. If you see this message, reset your PayPal connection to continue offering PayPal at checkout.

Subscribing when your site is on a free trial

To subscribe to Member Areas you must upgrade your trial site to paid. When you click to select a Member Areas plan, we'll ask you to select a website plan first. You'll proceed through the checkout process as described above. 

We'll issue two different charges for these subscriptions. One charge is for your website plan and the other is for your Member Areas plan. Here's what happens if one of these charges fails:

  • If the website plan charge fails, our system cancels the Member Areas charge. 
  • If the Member Areas charge fails, your website still upgrades to paid. 

In either situation, you can restart the subscription process in the Member Areas panel.

View and manage your subscription

After you subscribe, view and manage your subscription from the Billing panel:

  1. In the Home menu, click Settings
  2. Click Billing.
  3. Under Subscriptions, click Member Areas.

From here, you can:

Change your billing plan

You can change your Member Areas billing plan at any time. For detailed steps and important information, visit Changing your Member Areas billing plan.

Failed charges

If we can’t authorize the renewal charge, your subscription will become past due. We’ll try to charge the credit card on file over the next 15 days. You can update your card at any time during this grace period to manually prompt a charge.

If we still can’t charge your card after 15 days, your Member Areas subscription will expire. As long as your website subscription remains active, you can resubscribe to Member Areas at any time, but all members will have to resubscribe individually.

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Member Areas pricing, billing, and invoices