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Upgrading to a Mobile Start plan

If your site is on a trial and you're using the iOS Squarespace app, you can upgrade your trial to a Mobile Start plan using in-app purchase. Mobile Start plans are valid for 30 days and they don't auto-renew, making it a great way to get started with the paid version of Squarespace.

All new Squarespace sites are private by default, although you can set up a site-wide password during your trial. When you upgrade, you can make your site public to all visitors and search engines.

This guide covers how to use a Mobile Start plan in the Squarespace app and how to move from Mobile Start to a standard website plan.


Choose from four plans:

  • Personal Mobile Start
  • Business Mobile Start
  • Commerce Basic Mobile Start
  • Commerce Advanced Mobile Start

For current pricing, visit the app's Billing settings.


To sign up on a Mobile Start plan:

  • Your site must either be on a trial or have been on a Mobile Start plan previously. Sites currently or previously on a standard website plan aren't eligible.
  • You must upgrade through the Squarespace app for iOS. Mobile Start plans aren't currently available in the Android versions of the apps.


Before upgrading, review the following terms:

  • All Mobile Start plans last 30 days and expire immediately after. Plans don't auto-renew.
  • After the 30 days of a plan are complete, you can purchase another month on the same plan. It's not possible to purchase multiple months at one time.
  • It's not possible to switch to a different Mobile Start plan if your site is already active on any billing plan. If you've upgraded using a Mobile Start plan, you can only use that same Mobile Start plan for that site, or switch to a standard website plan.

Unavailable features

Certain features and add-ons aren't available for Mobile Start plans:

Sign up

To upgrade to a paid site on a Mobile Start plan, open your Squarespace app:

  1. Tap Settings, tap Site settings, then tap Billing.
  2. Tap Select plan, then swipe left and right to see all plans. Tap See all features for more details on any plan.
  3. When you find a plan that meets your needs, tap Purchase.
  4. Review the purchase details, enter your Apple ID password, and tap Buy to confirm your purchase.
  5. After seeing the prompt that your purchase was successful, tap OK.

Apple will email you a receipt confirming your purchase. You can also see your purchase history in the App Store.

Tip: Your site may be private, password-protected, or public after you upgrade to paid service, depending on your settings and when you upgraded. Learn how to make it public.

Expired plans

After your 30-day plan expires, you'll have a short grace period where your site stays active and you can purchase a new plan. After the grace period, your site expires and the content is marked for permanent deletion.

To keep your site active, choose an upgrade option:

  • Log into your site on a computer and purchase any standard website plan. Note that by choosing this option, you can't go back to a Mobile Start plan on that site.
  • In the app, purchase another 30 days on the same Mobile Start plan. It's not currently possible to switch to a different Mobile Start plan.

Cancel a plan

To stop using your Mobile Start plan before the end of the 30 days, you can either request a refund from Apple, or switch to a standard website plan on a computer.

Cancel Mobile Start

To cancel your Mobile Start plan and request a refund, Contact Apple Support. Squarespace can't issue refunds for Mobile Start plans, as these plans are purchased through Apple.

To hide your site from visitors and search engines after cancelling, set your site availability to Private.

Switch to a new plan

To switch from a Mobile Start plan to a standard website plan, log into your site on a computer.

  1. In the Home menu, click Settings, then click Billing & account.
  2. Click Billing.
  3. Under Subscriptions, click your Mobile Start subscription.
  4. Click Switch plan, then click Continue to confirm. This will cancel your Mobile Start plan.
  5. Review the different plan options. When you've found the one that meets your needs, click Select.
  6. Follow the prompts to enter your payment information and review the plan details, then click Confirm and purchase to subscribe.


My site already has a standard website billing plan. Can I manage it in an app?

If you purchased a standard website plan from Squarespace, you can view your plan details in the iOS Squarespace app, but you can't edit any details. To view more billing details and make changes, log into your site on a computer.

Can I switch to a different plan?

After purchasing a Mobile Start plan, you can only repurchase the same Mobile Start plan after the first plan expires. It's not possible to switch to a different Mobile Start plan after your first purchase.

You can, however, purchase a standard Squarespace website plan at any time. Before switching to a standard plan, review the different plan options.

Can I access other Billing settings in the Squarespace app?

No. You can use the Billing panel in the app to upgrade to a Mobile Start plan, repurchase a Mobile Start plan after one has expired, or view any current billing plan. Log into your site on a computer to do other tasks, like updating a credit card or reviewing invoices.

Can I use an offer code on a Mobile Start plan?

No. You can't enter an offer code to receive a discount on a Mobile Start plan. If you have an offer code you want to use, log into your site on a computer then click to subscribe to a standard Squarespace website plan. Enter your code in the offer code field in the Review order panel.

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Upgrading to a Mobile Start plan