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The Not linked section

The Not linked section of the pages panel holds pages that don't show in your site's navigation menus. In this guide, you'll learn about this section and how to use it when building and sharing your site.

Not linked is at the bottom of the panel. You can add new pages or drag and drop existing pages to it.

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How visitors and search engines see Not linked pages

Although Not linked pages are hidden from navigation menus, they’re public by default unless you take additional steps to hide them completely. Visitors can access them by clicking links to them or entering their URLs directly. Search engines can also index Not linked pages, meaning they could appear in search results.

If you think of main navigation as what’s on the table, Not linked is what’s in the cabinets, available if you know where to look. 

Hide Not linked pages

To hide individual Not linked pages from visitors and search engines, you can:

Share and link to Not linked pages

You can keep pages that don't need to go in navigation menus in Not linked and direct visitors to them in other ways, including:

Store pages in Not linked

If you’re working on new pages or redesigning existing pages, you can disable them in Not linked without visitors seeing your work. When you're ready to publish, enable the pages and move them from Not linked into a navigation section so they display in a menu.

You can also store old pages you want to keep for your own reference but don't want visitors to see. To do this, move the pages to Not linked and disable them.

Display Not linked collection items on other pages

You can add collection pages, like blog pages, to Not linked, then display collection items, like blog posts, elsewhere on your site. This way, you have additional options for how to display and arrange different content. To learn more, visit Collection pages.

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