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Customizing your checkout experience

Your site’s checkout page should be simple and streamlined, while still allowing customers to engage with your brand and review your terms and policies. Use this guide to learn about different ways you can customize your checkout experience.

Checkout settings

In the Checkout Settings panel, you can manage your store policies, require additional information, and adjust other settings.

To open the panel, go to the Home menu, click Commerce, then click Checkout Settings.

From here, you can:

  1. Display your terms or service and store policies.
  2. Collect additional information from customers, like phone numbers, gift messages, and delivery instructions by adding a custom checkout form.
  3. Make the checkout experience faster by enabling express checkout, setting a default country for the address fields, and making the billing address field auto-fill by default.
  4. Keep customers engaged with your store by enabling abandoned cart recovery, adding a Continue Shopping link, and adding a Newsletter subscribe option.

For a complete list of checkout settings, visit Checkout settings.

Styling the checkout page

Customize the look and feel of your checkout page by making style changes. Your checkout page should have consistent branding with the rest of your site. To learn more, visit Styling your checkout page.

Changing your Continue Shopping link

The Continue Shopping link appears on the empty cart page. By default, this link directs to your homepage, but you can change the Continue Shopping destination to any page on your site. Here's the link on an empty cart page:


To edit the Continue Shopping link: 

  1. In the Home menu, click Commerce, then click Checkout.
  2. Scroll down to “Continue Shopping” link in cart.
  3. Click the drop-down menu and select a new destination.
  4. Click Save.
Tip: The "Shopping Cart" header text follows the same style as your site's Heading 2 tweaks, but is always uppercase and has a fixed text size.  


  • It isn't possible to direct the link to an individual collection item.
  • It isn't possible to direct the link to a page within an index.
  • The Continue Shopping link can't be removed.
  • It isn't possible to edit the Continue Shopping text.

Customizing emails after checkout

Customers receive automated emails related to their order after they make a purchase, and as you take action to fulfill it. You can customize these emails in the Customer Notifications panel.

You can also create automated campaigns to send marketing emails to customers after they make a purchase. They'll receive these in addition to the standard Order Confirmed email. To learn more integrating Email Campaigns with your online store, visit Using Email Campaigns with Squarespace Commerce.

Use extensions to send customer feedback surveys

You can send branded customer feedback surveys and get crucial insight from your customers by connecting the Delighted extension. While we work with third-party services to ensure Squarespace Extensions work properly, extensions fall outside our scope of support. We can help with connecting or disconnecting your extensions. For all other questions, contact the extensions provider directly.

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