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Setting up shipping rates

You can create shipping options that automatically apply to physical products at checkout. This guide provides an overview of these options and can help you select the right shipping methods for your store. Shipping options include:

Before you begin

  • Carrier Calculated Shipping rates are calculated at checkout after a customer enters their shipping address. 
  • If you have multiple shipping options, these will appear in ascending order by price with the least expensive option selected by default. It's up to the customer to select from the shipping options available to them.
  • To apply shipping rules abroad, or to specific cities, states, and provinces, visit Creating shipping zones.
  • Product-specific shipping rules aren't available at this time.

Step 1 - Open the Shipping panel

In the Home Menu, click Commerce, and then click Shipping.


Step 2 - Add a shipping method

Click Add Shipping Option.

Click Flat Rate or Depending on Weight shipping options in the Shipping Options menu.

If you're on the Commerce Advanced plan, you can select Carrier Calculated via FedEx, Carrier Calculated via UPS, and Carrier Calculated via USPS.

Step 3 - Shipping methods

This section explains the advantages and disadvantages of each option. To learn more about a method and its setup, click the links to their guides.

Flat rate

Flat Rate applies a Per Item fee that doesn't account for product weight. You can also add a Per Order fee that applies to any order, regardless of the total number of items.

For example, if your Per Item fee is $3 and Per Order fee is $5, for a customer purchasing 3 items the total shipping cost would be $14 ($3 + $3 + $3 + $5).


Flat rate shipping is simple to understand and a great selling point to advertise on your website.


This option can't easily accommodate varied product weights. For instance, if you sell one product that's significantly heavier than other products in your store, you can't create a different shipping option for this product using Flat Rate.

Recommended for

Small packages of high-value merchandise where shipping is negligible to the item cost, like jewelry. Stores where all products are roughly the same weight and size.

Depending on weight

The Depending on Weight option lets you set shipping charges based on the total weight of all physical products in the order. You can create ranges to cover your various products and an ∞ (infinity) range to cover anything exceeding your pre-set ranges.

Note: If the final weight range cost is set to 0.00, orders exceeding the set weight limits won't be charged for shipping. We recommend setting a generous cost for the final weight range to cover any large or especially heavy orders.


Depending on weight shipping allows you to vary pricing based on order weight.


This option doesn't account for actual size dimensions of items (just weight), and doesn't account for shipping distance.

Recommended for

Businesses where weight is critical but all of your products are roughly the same size. 

Carrier Calculated

Carrier Calculated shipping allows you to automatically calculate your shipping costs based on FedEx, UPS, and USPS regulations. If you select Carrier Calculated shipping, you must enter each physical product package's dimensions and weight.

This method is available on the Commerce - Advanced plan and for domestic shipping within the United States only. It isn't possible to use Carrier Calculated shipping internationally at this time.

Tip: Since this method requires additional setup, we recommend reviewing our Understanding Carrier Calculated shipping guide to ensure your product dimensions and packaging options are entered correctly. 


Carrier Calculated Shipping provides very accurate estimates based on true shipping costs. It takes location, weight, and dimensions into account.


It's harder to communicate or advertise your shipping costs to customers ahead of time.

Recommended for

  • Packages where the cost of shipping is a significant percentage of the price and depends on product dimensions.
  • Larger items where increased distance adds a lot of costs.
  • If you have many different types of items that require different shipping costs.

Step 4 - Set a free shipping method (optional)

You can offer free shipping using the Flat Rate shipping option or by offering a "free shipping" discount. For help with this, visit Free shipping.

Note: It isn't possible to set per-product shipping rates, so a "Free Shipping" Flat Rate option will be available to any customer checking out.

Step 5 - Choose a shipping zone

Click Shipping Zones to choose at least one zone for the shipping option. A shipping zone is an area where a specific shipping option applies. 

  • Customers in countries without a set rule won't see their country listed as an option at checkout.
  • To enable shipping to all customers, select Rest of the World.
  • If you're on the Commerce Advanced Plan, you can create local and regional options for the United States or Canada.

To learn more, visit Creating shipping zones.


Step 6 - Save

Click Save to save your new shipping method. 

Shipping resources

You can use these resources to help calculate shipping rates:

How shipping rates display

Your view

In the Commerce panel, shipping options display in the order you add them.

Customers' view

On the checkout page, shipping options appear after the customer enters their shipping address. The available options display in ascending order of price, with the least expensive option selected by default.



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Setting up shipping rates