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Setting up shipping rates

You can create shipping options that automatically apply to physical products at checkout. This guide provides an overview of these options and how to set them up. Shipping options include:

Before you begin

  • To apply shipping rules abroad, or to specific cities, states, and provinces, visit Creating shipping zones.
  • Product-specific shipping rules aren't available at this time.
  • Shipping rates don't apply to digital or service products.
  • It's not possible to quote a custom amount for shipping after checkout. To calculate the shipping cost at checkout based on a product's size and real-time carrier rates, use carrier calculated shipping.
  • You can also add a local pickup option.

Choosing the right shipping options for your business

For advice on which shipping options to offer based on the products you sell, visit Choosing the right shipping options.

You can also use your carrier's website to for help calculating rates:

Add a shipping option

To add a new shipping option to your store:

  1. In the Home menu, click Commerce, then click Shipping.
  2. Click Add Shipping Option.
  3. Choose an option, either Flat Rate, Depending on Weight, or Carrier Calculated (on the Commerce Advanced Plan).
  4. In the Formula tab, enter a name for the option and add rates. For specific steps, visit Flat rate shipping, Depending on weight shipping, or Carrier calculated shipping.
  5. For Flat Rate and Depending on Weight, click Shipping Zones to limit where you ship orders or create shipping fees based on location. To learn more, visit Creating shipping zones.

Selecting Rest of the World in the Shipping Zones tab.

Create a free shipping option

You can offer free shipping using the Flat Rate shipping option or by offering a "free shipping" discount. For help with this, visit Free shipping.

Note: It isn't possible to set per-product shipping rates, so a "Free Shipping" Flat Rate option will be available to any customer checking out.

How shipping rates display

Your view

In the Commerce panel, shipping options display in the order you add them.

How shipping rates appear in the Shipping panel.

Your customers' view

On the checkout page, shipping options appear after the customer enters their shipping address. The available options display in ascending order of price, with the least expensive option selected by default. It's up to the customer to choose from the shipping options available to them.

How shipping rates appear for customers at checkout.

If you offer shipping and pickup options, customers can view the pickup options by clicking Pickup at checkout. Pickup options display in the order you added them.


Troubleshooting missing shipping options at checkout

If one of your carrier calculated shipping options doesn’t appear at checkout, ensure you’ve added a container that will fit the product you’re selling. This is determined by your product’s dimensions. If there isn’t a container big enough, the carrier option won’t display.

Create shipping zones

Create shipping zones to apply a shipping option to specific countries, states, or provinces. For example, you might want to offer a $5 flat rate shipping option to customers in your area, and a $10 flat rate shipping option to the rest of the country. Unless you create a shipping zone, a shipping option will be available to all customers. To learn more visit Creating shipping zones.

If you haven’t set up shipping rates yet, the United States will be the only country that displays at checkout, even if you change the default country for address fields in checkout settings. To resolve this, create a shipping zone. 

Edit a shipping option

To edit a shipping option: 

  1. In the Home menu, click Commerce, then click Shipping
  2. Click the shipping option you want to edit and adjust the details.
  3. Click Save.

Delete a shipping option

You can remove a shipping option at any time to stop offering it to customers. Before you begin, keep in mind:

  • If you sell physical products, you have to offer at least one shipping or local pickup option. Otherwise, customers won't be able to place orders.
  • Removing a shipping option won't affect existing orders. If you have a pending order that includes the deleted shipping option, the option will still apply to the order.
  • Removing carrier calculated shipping is required before downgrading from the Commerce Advanced plan.
  • If you ship to multiple countries, ensure your other shipping options cover all countries where you'll ship orders.

To remove a shipping option:

  1. In the Home menu, click Commerce, and then click Shipping.
  2. Click a shipping option.
  3. Click Remove at the bottom of the window that opens, then click Confirm.

Use drop shipping extensions

You can set up print-on-demand and drop ship products by connecting an inventory and products extension. While we work with third-party services to ensure Squarespace Extensions work properly, extensions fall outside our scope of support. We can help with connecting or disconnecting your extensions. For all other questions, contact the extensions provider directly.

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Setting up shipping rates