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Building a musician or band site

A musician or band site connects you with your fans, helping you share music, display tour dates, and more. This guide highlights great templates for bands or musicians and explores Squarespace's features for uploading music, connecting social media, and establishing an online musical identity.

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Select a template

All Squarespace templates support uploaded audio, but the following two were designed with musicians in mind. Each uses large, full-bleed images to grab visitors' attention while bold headlines relay news about the latest tracks and upcoming gigs.


Designed for a single-page experience, Horizon arranges your content, images, and information into a seamless flow. By scrolling down, fans can explore your newest release, major announcements, and more

For detailed instructions, visit Horizon's template guide.


The parallax scrolling effect brings images to life on Polaris, placing them behind bold banner text and clickable buttons. This makes your site as visually appealing as it is easy to navigate.

For detailed instructions, visit Polaris's template guide.

Upload an album

With an Album Page, you can upload your music for visitors to listen to using Squarespace's own native player. Add album artwork and a track listing to share the full album, or just offer a few tracks as a teaser. Either way, the Album Page lets you share your music in an easily browsed format.

For step-by-step instructions, visit Using the Album Page.

Share songs

You can post individual tracks on your site in two ways: Upload them to your site with the Audio Block or embed a player for songs stored on SoundCloud. You can add these blocks to any content area. The Audio Block appears as customizable player. This is a great way to show off new material, remixes, and other audio files.

The SoundCloud Block embeds SoundCloud tracks or playlists directly on your site. This lets visitors listen to your SoundCloud content without leaving your site.

Sell merch

You can sell t-shirts, albums, digital downloads, posters, and more using Squarespace Commerce features.

Visit our Commerce overview to get started.

List gigs and tour dates

Use an Events Page to list upcoming shows, tours, appearances, and more. You can display your events as a detailed list, full of specifics about venue location and start times, or as a calendar. After you've added events, you can showcase these events elsewhere on your site, such as your homepage, using a Summary Block or Calendar Block

If you use Bandsintown, you can add a Bandsintown Block to your page or events.

Connect your social media and streaming pages

Link to your social media pages by connecting your social accounts. You can then display icons for these social platforms across your site, depending on your template. If your music is available on streaming service, you can add icons to your pages on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify. 

Next steps

Your site will be as unique as your music, so this is just the start. Add music videos with a Video Block, show concert photos with galleries, or document tour life in a blog. Visit our Getting Started video series to learn more. 

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Building a musician or band site