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The Home Menu

The Home Menu is the central location for all admin areas of your site. The Home Menu is visible as soon as you log in. It's a grey panel located to the left of your site preview.

Find the Home Menu

The Home Menu is open as soon as you log in and hidden when you're in full site preview. If you can't see the Home Menu:

  1. Ensure you're logged into your site.
  2. Click the Expansion arrow or double-click the Back arrow at the top of any panel.

Edit your Home Menu

You can choose how the Home Menu displays:

  1. From the Home Menu, click Settings.
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. Click Home Menu.
  4. Choose either Website or Commerce.

If you choose Website, you'll see the classic Squarespace Home Menu.

If you choose Commerce, the Home Menu includes fast access to inventory and order fulfillment features at the top.

Cover Page plan

If you're on the Squarespace Cover Page plan, your Home Menu looks like this:

Getting around from the Home Menu

Admin areas and editing tools within the Home Menu are called panels. Everything you need to manage and build your site can be found here, including settings, domains, pages, the Style Editor, Commerce features, and more. Every panel has a name, like the Domains panel, Template, or Pages panel.

To open any panel, follow the example steps for popular panels below. The exact location of some panels differs depending whether you've chosen the Website or Commerce Home Menu, but they all follow the same general path.


The Pages panel holds all of the pages and content for your site.

In the Home Menu, click Pages.


In Settings, you'll find admin areas like Billing and Account, Permissions, Connected Accounts, and more. If you sell products on Squarespace, you'll also find store setup options like Stripe, Taxes, and Shipping.

In the Home Menu, click Settings.

Design (Style Editor and template)

The Design panel is where you control the various elements of your site's design, like the Style Editor, your template, and logo.

In the Home Menu, click Design.

Search shortcut

Use the ? shortcut to find the panel you're looking for.

For example, to open the Template panel, press ? and search template.

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