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The Home Menu

The Home Menu is the first menu you see in the side panel when you log into your Squarespace site. It appears to the left of your site preview.

Note: The Home screen on the Squarespace App displays quick links, suggested actions, and a traffic overview.

Home Menu basics

The Home Menu provides access to all admin areas of your site, called panels. Everything you need to manage and build your site can be found here, and every panel has a name.


By default, the Home Menu displays these panels:

  • Pages
  • Design
  • Commerce
  • Marketing
  • Scheduling
  • Donations - After you've added a Donation Block
  • Analytics
  • Profiles
  • Comments - After you've enabled comments
  • Settings
  • Help
Tip: Your Home Menu may be organized differently depending on when you signed up.

Find the Home Menu

The Home Menu is open when you log in and hidden when you're in full site preview. If you can't see the Home Menu:

Getting around from the Home Menu

To open any panel in the Home Menu, follow the example steps for popular panels below. The exact location of some panels differs depending whether you've chosen the Website or Commerce Home Menu, but they all follow the same general path.


The Pages panel holds all of the pages and content for your site.


The Design panel is where you can use Site Styles to change various elements of your site's design, like fonts, colors, buttons, and spacing.


The Commerce panel is where you take important actions for running your online store, like fulfilling orders and managing customers.


The Marketing panel is where you find tools for promoting your site and products. From here, you can build Squarespace Email Campaigns, create promotional pop-ups, and add Share buttons to your site.


The Scheduling panel is where you can use Squarespace Scheduling for booking appointments or classes.


The Analytics panel holds your site's data reporting for measuring site performance and visitor information.


The Profiles panel is where you can review and manage your relationships with your customers, mailing list subscribers, members and donors.


The Settings panel holds Permissions, Billing & Account, Domains, Connected Accounts, and more. If you sell products on Squarespace, you'll also find store setup options like Payments, Shipping, and Taxes.


The Help panel takes you to our Contact page.

Account icon

Your account icon displays as a circle with your initials, or a profile picture if you've added one to your account. Clicking this icon opens your Account Dashboard.

Create menu shortcuts

To customize the Home Menu to display panels you access most often:

  1. In the Home Menu, click Settings.
  2. Click Advanced.
  3. Click Menu Shortcuts.
  4. Switch the toggle on or off beside panels to display or hide them from your Home Menu.

When you’re done, panels you selected will be accessible in your Home Menu. You can also still access these panels in their original locations.

Search shortcut

To search for a panel, press the / or ? key and type the panel name. This lets you quickly navigate between panels without clicking through the Home Menu.

For example, to open the Colors panel, press / or ? and search colors.

Home Menus on other plans

Depending on your subscriptions, your Home Menu may have different options.

Parking page

If you started with a Squarespace Domain, it may appear on a parking page. Parking pages have a unique Home Menu.

Cover Page plan (discontinued)

If you're on the Squarespace Cover Page plan, your Home Menu looks like this:

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