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Wells template

Wells is a portfolio template popular with artists, photographers, and other creative businesses. With its sidebar navigation, prominent gallery pages, and clean design, Wells puts your work front and center.

This guide covers the features and design options for the Wells template. Site styles tweaks are bold, and link to the list of all Wells tweaks to help you navigate the panel.

Supported pages

Wells supports these page types:


Wells features a navigation sidebar on all pages. The sidebar can contain:

Style the sidebar width and position in Sidebar options.

  • Sidebar text alignment.
  • When Sidebar fixed is checked, the navigation links stay fixed in place. When unchecked, the sidebar moves up the page as you scroll.

Blog pages have a second sidebar.



Use the Site background tweak in the Site wide options section of site styles to change the background color of your site. Wells doesn’t support background images.

Blog pages

Wells blog pages display as a list of vertically-stacked posts.

On the landing page:

  • Promoted image, gallery, and video blocks always display above the post title.
  • Dates and categories display below post titles.
  • Post thumbnails display below the title for posts that have excerpts, but don't contain a promoted block.
  • Excerpts display "Read more" links.
  • The full content of individual posts displays under the title for posts without excerpts.
  • Source URL, tags, comments, shares, and likes display below the post content.

On individual posts:

  • Promoted blocks display above post titles.
  • Dates and categories display below post titles.
  • Source URL, tags, comments, shares, likes, and navigation for previous and next posts display below the post content.
  • Change the metadata color with Blog meta data color in Blog options.

A sidebar displays on blog landing pages and posts. Customize it with blocks. If you have multiple blogs on your site, the same sidebar displays on all of them.

In Blog options:

  • Choose the side with Blog sidebar.
  • Hide the sidebar with Blog sidebar: hidden.
  • Set the size with Blog sidebar width and Blog sidebar padding.


Gallery pages

Wells gallery pages display images and videos in a slideshow. If visitors click Show thumbnails in the bottom-left corner, or the up arrow that appears on hover over an image, the display changes to the thumbnail view. Clicking a thumbnail returns the view to slideshow for that image.

Style the Gallery Page in Gallery options.



  • To make thumbnail view the default when visitors land on Gallery Pages, choose Initial gallery view: thumbnails.
  • Gallery pages set as the homepage can have different layout settings. Use the Homepage gallery view tweak to set this.
  • To hide the thumbnail option, uncheck Enable gallery thumbnails.
  • Use the Gallery style tweak to choose if slideshow images resize to fit the browser height with no cropping (Fit) or crop to fill all available space (Fill).
  • Set the size and shape of your thumbnails with Thumbnail aspect ratio and Thumbnail width.
  • Image captions display in the site-wide sidebar in slideshow layout. They don’t display in thumbnail view.
  • Style image captions with the Text tweaks in Site wide options. For color, titles follow Headings color and descriptions follow Body text color.


In slideshow mode, gallery navigation appears in the site-wide sidebar.

  • Choose if it displays as text or bullets, or hide the navigation, with Gallery controls.
  • Change colors, sizes, and fonts with the other Gallery controls tweaks.

When you hover over the side of an image in slideshow, the cursor turns into left or right arrows. Use these to scroll. If there's only one image in a gallery, this doesn't display.

More help with galleries

  • If image titles, descriptions, and navigation for any image are too big to fit in the sidebar, they'll display on the opposite side as an overlay for all images in the gallery. Navigation numbers or bullets always display as Prev / Next in the overlay.
  • Customize deeplink URLs to send visitors directly to any image in the slideshow.
  • Wells galleries don't support clickthrough URLs or a lightbox.
  • On mobile devices and reduced-width browsers, images stack vertically. Captions display below the image.


Wells doesn't offer a footer. For a list of templates with footers, visit Editing footers.


Style your site's fonts in Site wide options.


With Squarespace's built-in responsive design, your site adjusts to look great on any device.

  • Set the site title's font and size of the site title with Mobile site title style: manual in Site title / Logo options. Set the logo size with Mobile logo image size.
  • Blog sidebar content displays beneath the page content.
  • You can disable mobile styles, but we don't recommend it.

Sidebar content doesn't appear on mobile, and the navigation links collapse behind a Menu link in the top-right corner.

  • The Menu link always displays on mobile, even if the main and secondary navigations are empty.
  • Folders are automatically expanded to reveal the navigation links for each nested page. Clicking on the folder title will open the first page nested in that folder.
  • The overlay background follows Navigation (active) color in Site navigation options.
  • The navigation links follow the Site background color in Site wide options.


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