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Duplicating a page

When you duplicate a page, the copy will include the same blocks, layout, and settings as the original. This is a great way to use a layout you like as a starting point and try further edits without modifying a live page. 

Before you begin

  • Only Regular Pages and Cover Pages can be duplicated.
  • Blog, Gallery, Event, Index, Project, Products Pages, folders, and external navigation links can't be duplicated.
  • Content added to a page-specific header, footer, or sidebar won't appear on the new page.

Duplicate a page

  1. In the Home Menu, click Pages.
  2. Hover over the page you want to duplicate and click the .
  3. In Page Settings, scroll down and click Duplicate Page.


  1. Click Confirm in the message that appears.

Next steps

The duplicated page will appear in the Not Linked section of your navigation.

  • The duplicated page has the same title as the original page.
  • The URL is the same as the original page with a dash and a number added to the end, such as /about-1. The number reflects how many times you've duplicated the page.

You can move the duplicated page to your navigation, edit its content, and change the settings as you would with any other page.

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