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Using the Album Page

Use the Album Page to add an album of audio files to your website.

Note: The Album Page is built primarily for music albums and isn't designed for podcasts. To set up a podcast with an RSS feed, create a Blog Page with Audio Blocks. Visit our podcasting guide to learn more.
Note: The Album Page isn't linked to Commerce. To sell music through Squarespace, use our Commerce platform and add digital products to a Products Page.

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Step 1 - Add an Album Page

In the Home Menu, click Pages, then click the + icon to add a new page.

Select Album from the New Page menu.

Enter a title for the Album Page.

Step 2 - Set up your album

Click the album title in your navigation to open the Album panel.

Add album art

In the Add Album Art box, drag your image into the image uploader. You can also click the image uploader to open a file selection menu and then select a file from your computer.

You can upload a .jpg, .png, or .gif file.

Add a title and artist name

Add an artist name in the Album Info box. If you haven't already added a title, enter one in the Title box.

Add a description

Enter a description of the album in the Description box. You can use this field to explain your album, add links to your band's social media accounts, or include any other information.

Note: The description displays under your album image or to its right, depending on the width of your main content area.

Step 3 - Add tracks

To upload music to your Album, click Add Tracks or drag and drop audio files into the Add Tracks box.

Note: The Album Page only supports .mp3 files up to 20 MB and up to 60 tracks per page.

Track titles will populate automatically. To edit a track and add additional information, click a track in the Album panel to open the Edit Audio window. The track title must be 200 characters or fewer.

Note: The track description doesn't display on your site.


Step 4 - Add tags and categories

You can use tags and categories to organize albums and help visitors find tracks that interest them.

To add tags and categories to tracks, click a track in the Album panel to open the Edit Audio window.

Click Click to add tags or Click to add categories.

Formatting tips:

  • Tags must be 80 characters or fewer.
  • Categories must be 25 characters or fewer.
  • Tags and categories are case-sensitive. For example, entering Apples, apples, and APPLES creates three tags or categories.

To learn more, visit Using tags and categories.


Step 5 - Play and share

Click the Play button overlay on top of the Album Artwork to play your album from the beginning. You can also click any track to start from a specific track.

Album play behavior

When a track plays, the Play button is replaced with a Pause button. Click Pause to pause the track.


You can share your album on your social accounts. Click a track to open the Edit Audio window, and then click the Social tab. 

Switch the Share toggle to on for every social account that will share this track.

Visitors can also share your album on their social accounts by clicking the Share button below the Album Description. 

Rearrange tracks

Change the order of tracks in an album by clicking and dragging them in the Album panel.

Move tracks between albums

If you have multiple Album Pages, you can move a track from one Album Page to another. To move a track, hold the Shift key on your keyboard and click the track you'd like to move.

Then click Move Items.

Select the Album Page to which you would like to move this track.

Note: The Move Items button only appears if you have multiple Album Pages.

Delete tracks 

Click Delete in the Edit Audio window to remove a track from your album. You can also click the trash can that appears when you hover over a track.


Album settings

To open Album Settings, hover over the Album Page title and click the .


Add a description of the album in the Description box. The description will be indexed by search engines and can help improve SEO for your album.

For more help, visit Adding search engine and page descriptions.

Thumbnail image

Scroll down in the Album Settings to add a thumbnail image for your Album Page. You can use the same image as your Album Artwork or any other image you want.

For more help, visit Adding thumbnail images.

Manage tags and categories

Remove or rename tags and categories for the Album Page in the Advanced tab.


Style the Album Page

To customize your Album Page's fonts and buttons in the Home Menu click Design, and then click Site Styles.

  • Click any area of the page in the preview to display only the style tweaks available for that area and hide the rest.
  • If you have multiple Album Pages, style changes will apply to all of them to create a consistent look.
  • Your template may support additional features, such as banner images or page headers, that affect how the Album Page looks.

All templates have the same Album Page style tweak options:

  • Album Text Color - Adjust the color of the track names and lengths
  • Hide Album Share Link - Hide or display the Share button

The artist name and album description text follow your site's body font style. The album title follows the Heading 1 font. The names of these tweaks varies by template.

For most templates, the Share button follows either the body text or body links style. In the Skye family (Foundry, Indigo, Ready, Skye, Tudor), the Label Color tweak changes the color of the Share button.


Can I sell my tracks on an Album page?

No. To sell music or other audio files, upload and sell them as digital products using our Commerce platform.

Can I use my Album Page for podcasting?

No. To create a podcast, add a Blog Page and create a new post with an Audio Block for each podcast episode. To learn more, visit Podcasting with Squarespace.

Can I add more than one album to an Album Page?

No. Only one Album can be added to an Album Page. To create another Album, add another Album Page. 

Is there a track limit?

Yes, each Album Page can hold up to 60 tracks.

Can I add an Album Page to my Index?

Yes, depending on your template.

The following templates support Album Pages on Index Pages. Templates are grouped by family.

  • Flatiron
  • Montauk family - Julia, Kent, Montauk, Om
  • Pacific family - Charlotte, Fulton, Horizon, Naomi, Pacific
  • Supply
  • Tremont family - Camino, Carson, Henson, Tremont
  • York family - Artesia, Flores, Harris, Jasper, Jones, Lange, Shibori, York

Switch your template any time using the steps in our guide for switching templates.

Can visitors comment on Album Pages?

No. Comments can only be added to a Blog Page. If you want to add comments to an Album Page, upload them as Audio Blocks on a Blog Page instead.

Can visitors download tracks from Album Pages?

Visitors may be able to download tracks by right-clicking (or Control + clicking on Mac) on a track and opening it in a new window or tab, but we recommend using an Audio Block and enabling a Download link if you want visitors to directly download music from a page on your site.

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