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Searching and adding stock images

This guide walks you through how to search, preview, and license stock images for your site using our integrations with Unsplash and Getty Images.

Where can I add a stock image? 

You can search and add stock images in most places where images are supported on your site or related services.

Stock images aren't available for: 

Step 1 - Open image search

How you navigate to the image search depends on which version of Squarespace your site is on.

Here’s how to find the image search in each of these areas:

  • Image Blocks - Click Search For Image in the image uploader.
  • Gallery section images - Click the + icon in the gallery section editor, then click Search Images.
  • Banner/background images - Click the Background tab in a section editor, then click Search Images.
  • Mobile fallback images - Click Search For Image in the image uploader.
  • Gallery Blocks - Click the + icon in the bottom-right corner of the Gallery Block editor, then click Search Images.

Here’s how to find the image search in each of these areas:

Step 2 - Find an image

After clicking Search For Image or Search Images, the Image Search window will open.

  • Click the tabs to move between Free and Premium, and search for a new image from Unsplash or Getty Images.
  • Scroll through the images that appear, or enter a search term at the top of the window, and press Enter.
Tip: After adding a stock image or uploading your own image, you’ll see an Imported tab in the Image Search window so you can re-add an image you've already used. To learn more, visit Reusing images.


Filter premium search results

You can apply filters to a premium Getty Image search to help refine your results.

Select one item at a time for Sort By and Image Family. All other sections support filtering by multiple criteria. Choose from the following options:

  • Sort By - Best Match, Most Popular, Newest
  • Image Family - Creative, Editorial
  • Image Style - Abstract, Copy Space, Plain Background, Wallpaper, Close Up, Portrait, Minimal, Still Life
  • Orientations - Horizontal, Vertical, Square, Panoramic Horizontal, Panoramic Vertical
Tip: If an image feels out of place, it's because it has a relevant tag in Getty's system. Getty's image tags can help filter results, but they aren't always a perfect match for every search.


Step 3 - Add or preview the image

Browse through the search results. When you find an image you like, click Select or Preview. The next steps vary depending whether you’re using a free or a premium image.

Free images

  1. Click Select to see the image in the Image Search window. You’ll see details about the image, including a link to see more from that artist on Unsplash’s site. Review these details carefully, because you won’t be able to access them after adding the image. This is also a good time to download the image if you think you’ll use it outside of your site.
  2. When you find the image you want to use, click Add To Site. By adding the image, you agree to Unsplash’s Terms.


Premium images

  1. Click Preview to see the image in the Image Search window. You’ll see the price, image title, and author name.
  2. Click Preview On Site to add the image directly to your site. This adds a watermarked, low-resolution, preview version of the image.
  3. Test how the image looks in the context of your content and design. You can't edit the image or remove the watermark until you license it.
Note: If you keep a watermarked image on your site without licensing it, your live site will have a banner stating "This page is using preview images from Getty Images. Please purchase them to remove the banner." Visitors will see this banner on all pages of your site. After a period of time, you may receive a takedown notice and/or the image may be automatically taken down.
Note: While you’re previewing a Getty Image in an Image Block, you can add text, like a title and description. These changes won't be saved when you exit the preview, even if you license the image.


License the image (premium Getty Images only)

When you’re ready to remove the watermark and add the high-resolution version of a Getty Image, you can license it.

To license an image:

  1. Return to the image uploader and click License, or hover over the image and click the shopping cart icon.
  2. A confirmation message with purchasing details will appear. Verify the information, then click Confirm and purchase. By licensing the image, you agree to our Image Terms.
  3. You've successfully licensed the high-resolution image from Getty Images. You can now edit the image within the Squarespace platform, adjust its settings, and reuse it across your site.
Note: If you still see the watermark after licensing the image, save all changes and then refresh the page.

Edit the image (optional)

After adding the final version of your image, you can edit it using our built-in image editor.

You also have options for downloading the image and editing it with your own software, like Photoshop. These rules differ depending on the image source.

  • Free - Unsplash lets you download, copy, modify, and distribute any of their images for free.
  • Premium - Getty Images requires purchasing additional licensing to download and edit the image.

To learn more about each option, visit Reusing images.

Remove a stock image

If you no longer need a stock image, you can remove it from where it's displaying. There are a few details to note:

  • Deleted Unsplash images and licensed Getty Images will stay in the Imported section of any image search so you can use them again.
  • It isn't possible to permanently remove an image from your Imported images.
  • We don't offer refunds for Getty Image purchases.

To remove a stock image:

  1. Find the image you want to remove and open its editor:
  2. Click the trash can or the Remove button. If the image is in an Image Block, you can also delete the block.
Tip: Removing a Getty Image you're previewing cancels the preview and permanently deletes it. While we can’t guarantee the image will be available in the future, you can try adding the image again by using the same search term in the Image Search window.


What usage rights do I have to an image?

After adding a stock image (not including Getty Image previews), it’s yours to use on your site or related Squarespace services. You’ll have full access to the web-ready image.

To download the image so you can edit or use it in other contexts (like print advertising), you'll follow a separate process depending on if the image is free or premium. To learn more, visit Reusing images.

Can I use the same images on multiple sites?

If you add a stock image, you’ll only see it in your Imported images on that one site. It’s not possible to transfer a purchased image between Squarespace sites.

You can, however, reuse images manually by downloading a free Unsplash image or purchasing additional licensing for a Getty Image. To learn more, visit Reusing images.

If I delete my site, will I keep the rights to my images?

Yes. Even if you leave Squarespace, you can take your saved stock images with you to another site. The rights work differently depending whether they’re free Unsplash images or premium Getty Images:

  • Free - You can download, copy, modify, and distribute any of Unsplash's images for free, across multiple sites and platforms.
  • Premium - You can use your licensed images on one site at a time. You can reuse them on a site hosted somewhere else only if your Squarespace site is no longer live and you’ve completely moved to another service.

Can I still add my own images to my site?

Yes. Our partnerships with Unsplash and Getty Images offer an alternative way to easily find high-quality, affordable images, but you can always upload your own images.

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Searching and adding stock images