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Changing site ownership

Each Squarespace page, site, or store has an owner who can’t be removed by other users, including Admins. However, you can transfer ownership of your site to another contributor. After you transfer ownership, the former owner will become a contributor with Administrator permissions, although you can customize this after transferring.

Transferring ownership is useful if you're a designer working with a client and are ready to hand over the site to them or if you run a site for an organization and are leaving your position.

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Before you begin

Understanding site ownership

Site owner is a special permission level that establishes ownership of a site. While you can add multiple contributors with Admin permissions, a site can only have one site owner. In certain situations, the site owner's account email address is used to verify ownership.

Step 1 - Transfer ownership

In the Home Menu, click Settings, and then click Permissions.


Under Website Owner, you'll see the current site owner's profile. Click Transfer Ownership next to your Contributor information.


Select the new owner from the New Owner drop-down menu.


Click Transfer.


Enter your password to confirm the transfer, and then click Finalize Ownership Transfer.


Step 2 - Update billing credit card (optional)

When you transfer ownership to another person, the billing information on file doesn't change. You may want to change the credit card on file for billing so the previous owner isn't charged when the site renews.

Step 3 - Remove Billing permissions (optional)

After you change ownership, the previous owner’s permissions will revert to Admin and Billing. This means that the previous owner can still edit billing information and cancel your site. You can change permissions or remove the previous owner from your site in the Permissions panel.

To learn more about managing permissions, visit Inviting contributors and managing permissions.

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