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Creating discounts

You can create discounts for customers to use when they place an order on your Squarespace store. Discounts are a great way to encourage spending or drive sales for a certain item or category. 

You can offer discounts for free shipping, restrict discounts to certain products or order amounts, and set a discount's expiration date.

Note: Discounts were previously called "coupons."

Types of discounts

There are four types of discounts in Squarespace. When you first create a discount, you'll select from one of these types to define when the discount can apply to an order.

Click on a discount type to learn more and get started.

Discount rules

After selecting which orders a discount can apply to, you'll select the discount rules.


A flat discount is a set monetary amount off a price. You can set a flat discount for:

  • Any Order discounts
  • Orders at Least discounts
  • Product by Category discounts
  • Single Product discounts


A percentage discount is a certain percentage off a price. You can set a percentage discounts for:

  • Any Order discounts
  • Orders at Least discounts
  • Product by Category discounts
  • Single Product discounts

Free shipping

Free shipping discounts override any shipping costs in an order. It's common to offer free shipping for orders over a specified total (Orders at Least discounts). You can offer free shipping for:

  • Any Order discounts
  • Orders at Least discounts

Combination rules

To avoid over-discounting, Squarespace has built-in combination rules for discounts. In some cases, customers may be able to "stack" discounts or apply multiple discounts to the same order.

This formula shows the total combination of discounts a customer can use:

(Any Order / Orders at least) + Free Shipping (1 time) + *Different* Products by Category (multiple) + *Different* Single Products (multiple).

This means that Any Order or Orders at Least discounts can be combined with free shipping, multiple Products by Category discounts, and multiple Single Product discounts. However, none of the above can be applied in combination to the same item.

For example, a customer is buying a pair of shoes and applies a Single Product discount to their order.

  • They can't apply a Product by Category discount that applies to the Shoes category.
  • If you have an active discount that offers free shipping (an Any Order or Order at Least Discount) they can apply that discount in addition to the Single Product discount.

Discount exceptions

  • Discounts other than Free Shipping don't apply to shipping or taxes.
  • Discounts can't be used if the product price total is less than the discount.

Editing discounts

Discounts are editable. You can edit a discount's:

  • Name
  • Promo code
  • Discount amount
  • Minimum requirements
  • Start and end date

You can't edit:

  • The discount type (For example, you can't change an Orders at Least discount to a Product Category discount.)

Discount expiration

When you create a discount, you can set an expiration date. Expired discount can't be applied to orders. 

If a customer tries to apply an expired discount at checkout, they'll see an error message that says "Unable to redeem discount: this discount is no longer available."

Reactivate an expired discount

You can reactivate expired discount by changing the end date of the discount in the discount settings. 

Promoting discounts

You can use Squarespace's built-in features to market your store and spread the word about your discounts. For example:

Announcing your discounts on social media is also a great way to spread the word.

Sale pricing

To place certain products on sale without using promo codes, you can create sales pricing instead of discounts. This displays the sale pricing and automatically applies the discounted price to orders.

Next step

To create a discount, visit Any order discountsProduct by category discountsSingle product discounts, or Orders at least discounts.

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Creating discounts