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Analytics in the Squarespace app

Use the Analytics tab in the Squarespace app to view key statistics for your site. This tab displays your analytics as data cards, with focused site statistics like pageviews, subscribers, and popular content. If you're on a Commerce plan, you can also view sales revenue, conversions, and top-selling products.

If you’re not sure which plan you’re on, log into your account dashboard on a computer and review the site's subscription details. For more help, visit Checking your billing subscriptions.

Note: You can review recent analytics data offline, but you’ll need an internet connection to refresh with the latest data.

Analytics on a computer vs. the app

While the app mostly reflects what appears on a computer, there are a couple differences:

  • The date filter in the app has more preset options than the date filter on a computer, including specific week and year ranges. To create the same date ranges on a computer, use the Custom option.
  • The app doesn’t include cards for search engine queries or site search queries.
  • The app includes separate cards for device type and top products. You can find these statistics on a computer, but they aren’t in their own panels.
  • The app doesn’t include analytics for Squarespace Email Campaigns, which are only in the Email Campaigns dashboard.
  • The RSS subscribers card in the app always displays RSS traffic from all feeds. The computer panel includes an option to filter traffic by a specific feed.
  • All app cards that show a line graph also show a comparison to previous data (either the previous month or the previous year). The computer only shows the current data on the graph, but shows the percentage difference. This includes:

View data

To view your site's analytics, tap Analytics at the bottom of the screen. The overview shows a summary of each card’s data. Scroll through all cards, or tap an individual card for a detailed view.

  • To learn more about each card, tap the ? next to the card title, or visit our analytics guides. Tap the arrow at the top of the card to return to the overview.
  • Tap the date picker at the top of the screen to choose the dates you’d like to view data for. By default, this is set to show data from the past 30 days. Tap a time range, from today to three years ago, or tap Custom to choose a specific start and end date. Time frames are based on your device’s time zone.
  • You can rearrange the card order by tapping and holding a card, then dragging it to a new position. This can help you prioritize the data you'd like to review first.
  • To refresh all cards with the newest data, swipe down on the card overview screen and release. To refresh an individual card, swipe down and release on the detailed view. Data can take up to two hours to update, both in the app and on a computer.

Viewing data on an iPad

On an iPad, you can view more of the card overview at once and rearrange cards vertically and horizontally in the overview.

While viewing an individual card, a condensed version of the overview appears in a sidebar on the left. Tap any card in the sidebar to quickly switch between cards.

Enable push notifications

To get updates on traffic spikes on your site in real time, enable push notifications. How you enable this depends on which version of the app you're using.

Tap Settings, then tap Notifications. Choose from the following options:

  • Under Site traffic alerts, tap the toggle on for any site in your account that you'd like to get a traffic spike notification for.
  • To enable notifications for all sites in your account, tap Turn on all notifications at the bottom of your screen.

Tap Done at the top of the screen to save.

Tap Settings, then tap Notifications. Choose from the following options:

  • Switch the Analytics insights toggle on to get a summary of your site's performance pushed to your device every Saturday.
  • Tap any site that you'd like to get a traffic spike notification for, then switch the Traffic alerts toggle on. Tap the arrow to return to the Notifications menu and enable notifications for other sites.


Does analytics data count my own IP address as a visitor?

Squarespace analytics automatically ignores all site owner and contributor activity when you're logged into your site. When you're logged out, however, we have no way to identify that the visit is you, so analytics logs your IP address like you're an ordinary visitor.

To learn more, visit Squarespace analytics.

Can I review my top product sales broken down by variant?

No. Each top-selling product total includes sales for all variants.

Why doesn't a comparison line appear on my line graph?

The following cards use line graphs to show how your data changes over time:

  • RSS subscribers
  • Sales overview
  • Traffic overview

If a gray line showing data from an earlier time frame doesn't appear, this could be happening for a couple different reasons:

  • The site you’ve synced with the app doesn’t have data from that time frame. For example, if you created your site in the past year, it won’t have comparison data for the previous year. To review comparison data, choose a time frame from the date picker that covers the time your site has been active.
  • The comparison time frame’s end date is more than four days after the primary time frame’s start date. The app includes up to four days of overlap when comparing two time frames, but no more than four days.

How does gift card data display in the app?

If you sell gift cards in your store, they'll appear in your top products card. You can also use the Filter products option in the purchase funnel card to view only gift card data.

Gift cards are counted as revenue in your sales overview when a customer redeems one on your site, but not when they’re initially sold. For more information, visit Selling gift cards.

Does commerce data include test orders?

Orders placed in test mode don’t count toward analytics, but any real orders you place and then refund yourself count.

How far back does the data go?

How far back you can go in analytics depends on the card you’re viewing.

  • In the sales overview, traffic overview, traffic sources, purchase funnel, and abandoned cart cards, you can view data starting from the site's creation or from when we added the panel.
  • In the activity log card, you can view data from the last seven days.

How often does analytics refresh with new data?

When you refresh the app manually by swiping down, the latest available analytics data appears. This data can take up to two hours to update, both in the app and on a computer.

How does analytics handle different time zones and currencies?

Time, date ranges, and currencies are based on what you’ve set in language and region settings, not your visitors’ time zones or currencies. Changes to language and region settings aren’t retroactive.

If I switch plans, will analytics display historical data?

Yes. We track data for all sites, regardless of plan.

For example, if you upgrade to a Commerce plan, your abandoned cart and purchase funnel cards will display historical data, dating back to when you began selling products on your site or when we released those cards, whichever is more recent.

Note: For plan-specific information about what data displays, visit Squarespace analytics.

Can Squarespace help improve my results?

We can't provide specific advice for improving your analytics results, as everyone's content, goals, and audience are a little different. There are plenty of resources online that explore different ways to affect your analytics, and we recommend experimenting to find out what has the best results for your site.

If you want an outside opinion on your analytics, review these options:

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Analytics in the Squarespace app