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Customer email notifications

Customers receive automatic emails when they shop, donate, create accounts, or purchase memberships to member areas. The default design and content of these emails are ready to use as-is, but you can customize them to match your design and brand.

These notifications are only for your commerce customers and Member Areas members. If you also have Scheduling clients, manage their email notifications in the Scheduling panel.

If customers check out using Afterpay or Clearpay, they may receive emails about their payment plan, depending on their settings. It's not possible to customize these emails.

Watch a video

Preview customer-facing emails

Use the preview tool or send a test email to better understand your customer experience. Keep in mind that personalizations you add using merge tags, like your site title, the order number, or the customer's name, display as filler text in the email preview and in test emails. To get the best sense of your customer-facing notifications, place a test order.

Use the email preview

Preview your store's automatic, customer-facing email copy and design, and compare the design between screen sizes:

  1. In the Home menu, click Commerce, then click Customer Notifications.
  2. Under Emails, click an email category, then click an email type.
  3. Click Edit Email in the top-right corner.
  4. To preview the email's display on mobile devices, click the computer icon in the top right corner.


Tip: Buttons and other calls to action won't work in the email preview.

Send a test email

Send a test email to preview the email design within your email client:

  1. In the Home menu, click Commerce, then click Customer Notifications.
  2. Under Emails, click an email category, then click an email type.
  3. Click Edit Email in the top-right corner.
  4. In the Email tab, click Send test.
  5. Enter the email address that will receive the test email.
  6. For the Order Confirmed email, switch the toggle on beside the product types you want to test. You can add unique copy for each product type.
  7. Click Send.

Email types

Customers receive these emails from your site, if you've enabled these options:

Category Emails

More information

General orders and donations
  • Order confirmed
  • Order fulfilled
  • Order refunded
  • Digital downloads
  • Donation confirmed
  • Payment declined
  • Product not available

Order emails include the billing and shipping information customers enter at checkout, and can include a tracking number. To add your VAT ID number, open Business settings.

A customer will receive the Product not available email if the product’s inventory is depleted while the order is processing.

Squarespace Point of Sale
  • Order receipt
  • Refund receipt

Customers can also choose to receive an email receipt for Point of Sale transactions.

Customer engagement

If you enable abandoned cart recovery, customers receive an email if they add something to their cart but don't buy it.

You can also enable product waitlists to email interested shoppers when sold-out items are back in stock. This email isn’t automatic. Instead, you’ll send waitlist emails from the Waitlists panel when you’re ready.

Customer accounts
  • Account created
  • Reset password
  • Password updated
The reset password link expires after 24 hours.
Gift cards
  • Gift card issued
  • Gift card voided
Customers receive the gift card voided email when you cancel and refund a gift card.

Subscribers receive the general orders emails, plus:

  • Subscription canceled
  • Subscription verification needed
  • Payment failed
By default, subscribers receive the Order Confirmed email only once after the first purchase. You can change that by clicking the Order confirmed email and switching the toggle on beside Send to subscribers.

A customer's payment might fail due to issues with their payment method, your store's Stripe connection, or if you downgrade from the Commerce Advanced plan.

Subscribers don't receive reminder emails before their subscriptions renew.

Member Areas

Members receive the general orders and customer accounts emails plus:

  • Membership Welcome
  • Membership Canceled

Members with recurring membership fees also receive the subscriptions emails for their recurring payments.

Members with fees paid in installments receive the subscription emails for each payment. The emails include the number of payments remaining. After they pay the final installment, these emails stop.

Customize emails

In the Home menu, click Commerce, then click Customer notifications.

Global email styles

Global email styles create a consistent look and feel across all customer notifications. Changes you make to global styles apply to all commerce emails your site sends to customers. You can also edit the text and layout of individual notifications.

  1. Click Global email styles to see a preview, then click Edit.
  2. Customize the email in the right panel. The email preview will display your changes.
  3. Click Send test to send a test email (optional).
  4. When you're finished, click Save.

You can customize these details:

  • Background color
  • Email color
  • Line color
  • Font pack
  • Font sizes
  • Text and link colors


  • Style
  • Alignment
  • Colors
  • Font

Change the layout, color, and font of the email header. You can also:

  • Add an image, logo, or text
  • Show or hide your site title

Change the layout, color, and font of the email footer. You can also add:

  • Branding (an image, logo, or text)
  • Business information and Tax Registration ID
  • Social links

Business settings

Click Business settings to edit your business name, address, and tax registration ID. Your business name and address appear in email footers, and your tax registration ID or VAT ID number displays on invoices. If you have version 7.0, depending on your template, your address may also display on your website.

You can also edit your Reply-To and From Email addresses, which apply to all emails.

Reply-To and From Email addresses

These fields affect the sender information displayed in your site's emails. Editing them is optional.

  • Reply-To - This is the email address that customers reply to when they receive an automatic email from your store. We recommend choosing an address you check often.
  • From Email - This is the address emails are sent from. If you change this, we recommend using a custom email address for a domain you own, because emails sent from custom domains are less likely to be marked as spam.

Depending on your email client, your site title may display as the contact name in your inbox. We recommend adding a site title that represents your brand. All test emails are sent from

Individual emails

You can customize the text and some formatting details of individual emails. You can also add sections to include more text, images, and other formatting elements.

Click an email, then click Edit to customize it:

  1. Click the Style tab to change the email's text and layout.


  1. Hover over the email sections and double click to edit them.
  2. Edit the text. You can add formatting and merge tags.
  3. Customize the details that appear in the right panel.
  4. Click the + icon to add a new section. You can add text, images, a spacer block, or a horizontal line.
  5. Click the Email tab to change the subject line and preview text, which displays in the recipient's email client.
  6. Click Save.

It's not possible to edit the header and footer for individual emails.

Add text for different product types

You may want the Order Confirmed email to include different text depending on the product type. For example, you may want to provide shipping lead times for physical products, or information about how a digital download link works.

To add content for different product types:

  1. In the Customer Notifications panel, click General Orders, then click Order confirmed.
  2. Click Edit email.
  3. In the email preview, click [Add an optional custom message based on product type.]
  4. Edit the product-type text in the panel that displays.
  5. To edit the text padding, click Padding and make your changes.
  6. When you’re finished, click Save to confirm the changes.


To customize Member Areas emails, visit Customizing the Member Areas experience. To customize Donation emails, edit the Donation Receipt email under General Orders.

Merge tags

Text with a dotted underline represents a merge tag, which displays personalized information about your site or the customer, like their name or order number.

To add a merge tag:

  1. Highlight text.
  2. In the text formatting bar, click the arrow icon.
  3. Select the tag.


The available merge tags depend on the email you're editing.

Tag Global styles Emails
Customer first name


  • Abandoned cart
  • Product restock
  • Customer account welcome
  • Password reset
  • Password updated
Donor first name


  • Donation confirmation
Linked site title


  • All
Order number


  • Order confirmed
  • Order refunded
  • Order fulfilled
  • Digital download
Site title


  • All
Subscriber first name


  • Subscription canceled
  • Subscription authorization required
Subscription name


  • Subscription canceled
  • Subscription authorization required
  • Subscription payment declined

Resend emails

You can resend the email notifications with a customer's shipment tracking number or gift card from the order summary. Clicking an expired digital download link automatically sends a new link to the customer's email address. If a customer requests to send any of these notifications to a different address, you can change the email address before resending.

  1. In the Home menu, click Commerce, then click Orders.
  2. Click any order to view the order summary.
  3. Click Email notifications. This tab lists the different notifications that have been sent to the customer.
  4. Choose the notification you want to resend.
  5. Verify or change the customer’s email address, and click Send.
  1. Tap Orders, then tap any order to view the details.
  2. In the order details, tap Manage or ... in the top-right corner.
  3. Tap Resend Order Confirmation, Resend Order Fulfilled Email, or Resend Digital Goods.
  4. Confirm or change the customer's email address.
  5. Tap Send.

Manage your email settings

Site Owners and contributors with Administrator and Store Manager permissions receive email confirmations for new orders, and, if enabled, low inventory.

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