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Duplicating a site

You can make a copy of a Squarespace site by duplicating it. Use this guide to learn how to duplicate a site and what content copies over from the original.

To duplicate specific content within the same site, like pages or blog posts, visit Duplicating pages and content.

You must have owner or administrator permissions on a site to duplicate it. The contributor who duplicates the site will be the new site’s owner.

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Before you begin

It’s not possible to duplicate:

Keep in mind:

  • Duplicating a site doesn't change the original site
  • Changes made to the copied site don't sync to the original site
  • Check this list to learn what pages count toward the 100-page limit
Note: Commerce settings don't carry over to the duplicate site. To enable customers to make purchases on your duplicate site, ensure you set up all your commerce settings, including a payment processor connection, shipping rates, taxes, and discounts. For the complete list of site settings that don't duplicate, click here.

Duplicate a site

To duplicate a site:

  1. Go to your Account Dashboard.
  2. Click on the site you want to duplicate.
  3. Click Duplicate Website.
  4. The duplicate site appears as the first site in your account dashboard. Its site title will end in “(Copy).” It may take longer to generate the duplicate depending on how much content is on the original site.

Next steps:

  • The copied site starts in a free trial, like any other new Squarespace site.
  • You can upgrade the trial to paid service when you're ready.

What copies to the new site

Duplicating a site copies the site's content, structure, and design settings. Elements that don’t copy over must be set up per-site, like contributor permissions, or only work for one site at a time, like domain subscriptions.

What duplicates

These content and style settings are copied from one site to another:

  • Code injection in advanced settings
  • Language & region settings
  • Pages, sections, layouts, and blocks
  • Site title and logo
  • Style settings
  • Template
  • Text content

Basic authors in the permissions panel also carry over to the duplicated site, but won't be added as author of any collection items, even if they were on the original site. On the duplicated site, add basic authors to blog posts and other collection items manually.

What doesn’t duplicate

Site-specific settings and other content not mentioned above doesn't duplicate. This includes:

  • Add-on features and subscriptions, like domains and Email Campaigns
  • Commerce settings, including orders, discounts, and subscriptions
  • Demo content or content marked for deletion
  • Digital product files
  • Files uploaded through the link editor
  • Free or premium licensed stock images
  • Third-party integrations that require authenticated access, like connected accounts and API keys
  • Website-specific settings and panels, like analytics, billing, and contributor permissions

Contact us for more help

If you run into issues duplicating a site or see a "Couldn’t Duplicate Site" error message, contact us.

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