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When to upgrade to a Commerce plan

Squarespace sites are designed to grow with you and your business. You can start on the Business plan, then upgrade when you want more commerce features or when it makes sense financially.

You can change your billing plan at any time. When you upgrade, you’ll pay a prorated rate based on what you’ve already paid for your current plan. If you find that an upgraded plan isn’t for you, you can switch back to your original plan to receive a prorated refund.

For steps on how to upgrade, visit Changing your billing plan.

When to upgrade from Business to Commerce Basic

The Business plan is ideal if you sell a few products and have basic shipping needs. If you’re on the Business plan and making over $3,200 USD in annual revenue, the Commerce Basic plan may save you money and offer more versatility.

Squarespace Commerce transaction fee savings

The Business plan includes a 3% Squarespace Commerce transaction fee. There’s no Squarespace Commerce transaction fee on Commerce plans.

The difference between a Business plan billed annually and Commerce Basic plan billed annually is $96 USD per year. If you’re on an annual Business plan and sell more than $3,200 per year (around $266 per month), you pay more in Squarespace Commerce transaction fees than the difference between the plans. In that case, you’ll save by upgrading to Commerce Basic.

Professional management options

The Commerce Basic plan supports a variety of features to help you run your store efficiently as it grows:

These features are also available on the Commerce Advanced plan.

When to upgrade from Commerce Basic to Advanced

To sell subscriptions and gift cards, or if you have more complex shipping needs, upgrade to a Commerce Advanced plan.


The Commerce Advanced plans supports subscription products. Subscription products can help you expand what you sell, entice loyal customers, and attract new ones.

More shipping options

On the Commerce Advanced plan, you can use carrier calculated shipping to automatically calculate shipping costs at checkout. When your orders vary significantly in size and weight, this helps ensure your shipping charges are as accurate as possible. You can also set up city-specific shipping zones based on zip codes.

Advanced marketing tools

The Commerce Advanced plan includes marketing tools so you’ll have more flexibility when promoting your products. These tools automate processes you’d have to do manually on other plans:

Others ways to compare plans

Here are more ways to compare Squarespace plans:

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When to upgrade to a Commerce plan