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Controlling who can see your site's pages

There are several ways to control who sees your site and its content. This guide gives an overview of different options, and links to more information about each one.

Your entire site

You can control access to your whole site in the Site Availability panel.

The table below compares our three Site Availability options. This shows who your site is visible to, based on the setting you choose. Contributors with viewer permissions can view your site, regardless of your Site Availability setting. To learn more, visit Publishing or hiding your site.


Visitors can view

Search engines can index

Contributors with Viewer permissions can view




✓ with password

✓ no password required

You can also hide your site with a noindex tag in code injection (or by hiding every page).

Specific pages

There are several ways to hide pages from visitors, search engines, or both:

  • Disable pages - Hides them from visitors and search engines.
  • Add page passwords - Hides them from search engines, but they can be seen by visitors who have the password.
  • Enable the noindex tag - Hides the page from search engines, while leaving it public and available for visitors to access. You can add this in page settings or with code injection.
  • Move the page to Not linked - The page's link no longer appears in your navigation, but search engines and visitors can still access it.

Here's a comparison of each of these options:


Visible to visitors

Visible to search engines

Can appear in navigation

Noindex tag in code

Included in site map

Enabled page

Disabled page

Page password

✓ with password

Noindex from page settings

Noindex from code injection

Not linked

Tip: Google's Remove URLs Tool lets you temporarily block pages from Google Search results on sites that you own. For help with this, visit Google's documentation.

Hidden pages may still appear in search results

If a site or page was previously public, hiding it prevents search engines from indexing it further.  If a search engine has already indexed your content, and then you hide it using any of the options above, it may take a while to be removed from search results.

To speed up the process, you can ask Google to index your site.

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Controlling who can see your site's pages