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Template comparison charts

Squarespace templates are the starting point of your site's design. They work differently depending on your site's version:

  • If your site is on version 7.1, it has the same features and style options as all other 7.1 sites. All version 7.1 sites are part of the same template family. 
  • If your site is on version 7.0, your site's template defines its style and functionality. Although every template is customizable, there are special style rules and features built into each template. Many of these are unique to the template's family.

This guide offers a comparison of key features by template family. It's a quick reference for people who are familiar with our terminology. It doesn't cover features that are the same on every template, such as blocks and Layout Pages

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Page types

Every template supports Blog, Events, and Products collection pages. Version 7.0 sites also support Album and Gallery pages, and some template families include special pages like the Index Page. When templates share the same page type, such as the Standard Album Page, the page's style options and features are the same in each template.

  • A template's other options, like banner images, affect how the page looks. Pages may also look different when added to or opened from an Index.
  • For information about a unique page type, see the template's guide.

This chart outlines the page types available for each template family.


* Aviator also includes an Info Page. York also includes a Project Page. Version 7.1 uses gallery sections instead of Gallery Pages.

Site layout

This chart outlines the basic site-wide layout options for each template family. Certain elements, such as the header, may look different on Index Pages, Info Pages, or mobile browsers.



The following chart outlines the navigation link options for each template family. For more help, visit The Pages panel and Styling navigation.



All templates have built-in mobile styles and responsive design to keep your site looking great on any device. In version 7.0, some template families display site elements like the site title differently, to help optimize the layout for mobile devices' smaller, narrower screens.


Blog Pages

Every template has a Blog Page, which supports a landing page and individual posts. For more help, visit Blogging with Squarespace and Blog features by template.


* For Five and Montauk, blog posts display the blog landing page's banner.

Gallery Pages

Gallery Pages in version 7.0 showcase images and videos in eye-catching layouts and styles. How the Gallery Page looks and behaves depends on your template.


* York also includes a Project Page.

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