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The wrong information is displaying in Google search results

If recent changes to your site aren't displaying in Google search results, it's likely because Google hasn't re-crawled and re-indexed your site since before these changes were made. Squarespace doesn't have a say in how quickly this can happen, but this usually takes some time.

To ask Google to see your site's most updated information, submit your site to Google Search Console and request a re-index

This applies to all changes resulting in outdated information on Google, including:

  • New content not displaying
  • Content and title edits not displaying
  • Search engine and page description changes not displaying
  • Deleted content or disabled/hidden pages displaying

Although the text in search results pages is decided by Google's technology, you can add suggested text with site, SEO, and page descriptions.

This process also applies to other search engines. If the wrong information is displaying in Bing, use Bing Webmaster Tools to request a re-index.

Tip: If you have a custom domain, you can hide your built-in domain from search engine results
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The wrong information is displaying in Google search results