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Verifying your site with Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools is a free service that helps you manage your site's presence in Bing search results. To start using Bing Webmaster Tools, Bing will ask you to verify your site with their services. 

Before you begin

  • If you have a site-wide password or a password on your homepage, remove it for the verification process. You can re-add it after your domain is verified. To learn more, visit our guides on site-wide passwords and page passwords.

  • If you have a custom domain, the domain must be mapped properly. For best results, we recommend waiting 72 hours after you map your domain before you verify it with Bing Webmaster Tools.

  • Verification with Bing Webmaster Tools won't work on trial sites because trial sites are hidden behind a CAPTCHA. If your site is in trial, upgrade to paid service before continuing.

Step 1 - Set a primary domain

Ensure the domain you're verifying is set as your the Primary domain in Domains Settings. Your Primary domain will have (Primary Domain) label next to it. If you only have one domain listed for your account, you can skip this step.

To learn more, visit Setting a primary domain.

Step 2 - Add your Domain to Bing Webmaster Tools

Log into Bing Webmaster Tools. Enter your domain to the Add a Site box, and click Add

Step 3 - Copy the HTML tag

After adding your domain, a page opens with three options for verifying your domain. Use Option 2: Copy and paste a <meta> tag in your default webpage.

Copy the HTML code in the shaded box.

Step 4 - Add the HTML tag to code injection

In the Home Menu, click Settings, click Advanced, and then click Code Injection.

Paste the HTML tag in the Header box, and click Save.

Step 5 - Verify your domain

Return to Bing Webmaster Tools, and click Verify.

If successful, you'll be brought to the Bing Webmaster Tools dashboard.

Note: For help with Bing Webmaster Tools, visit their Help Center.

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Verifying your site with Bing Webmaster Tools