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Using Etsy with Squarespace

To guide visitors to your Etsy shop, you can add a link to an Etsy shop to your navigation menu. To move your shop from Etsy to Squarespace, you can import your products.

Note: Etsy discontinued Etsy Mini, their embedding widget. So, we no longer recommend embedding Etsy shops on Squarespace with custom code.

Import and sell products on Squarespace

Use our integrated Commerce tools to sell products on your site without (or in addition to) a third-party service like Etsy. To learn more, visit Understanding Squarespace Commerce and Commerce FAQ.

To import your Etsy products and sell them through Squarespace, visit Importing products from Etsy.

Add a navigation link

The best option for guiding visitors to your Etsy shop is adding an external link to your navigation menu. We recommend naming the link Shop or Etsy Shop. This is a great way to feature your shop prominently and make it one of the first things visitors notice.


Add other links

There are other ways to link visitors to your Etsy shop:

  • Add a text link to any page, blog post, or content area.
  • Add Button Blocks that link to your Etsy shop or specific items. Button Blocks are customizable buttons that blend into your site's design.
  • Add a clickthrough URL to turn an image into a link. This is a great option for directing visitors to Etsy if they click an image, like a product photo.
Note: This third-party service falls outside the scope of our support. For help with Etsy, contact them or visit their documentation.
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