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Using Etsy with Squarespace

Having an online store on both Squarespace and Etsy increases the chances of online shoppers finding your products.

Squarespace offers powerful marketing, analytics, and CRM tools to help you reach customers across the web and keep them coming back. Etsy connects you to a marketplace where shoppers have a high intent to buy.

Even if you don’t use Squarespace Commerce, establishing yourself on both platforms can help increase your sales and brand awareness.

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Import Etsy products and reviews

After you create your online store on Squarespace, import your Etsy products to sell the same items on your website. You can also import your Etsy reviews to create trust with shoppers on Squarespace. When your products are live, follow the other steps in our site launch checklist to ensure your store is ready to make sales.

This is a one-time import, not a sync. To update your Etsy products and reviews in the future, import them again. You’ll also manage your inventory separately on both platforms. For more tips on managing two online stores, visit Managing two online stores.

Import Etsy shipping profiles

Use our Etsy shipping importer to import shipping profiles from your Etsy shop. This way, you can import the shipping rates you’ve been using in Etsy to your Squarespace store. You can only import flat-rate shipping rates. To add other forms of shipping, you can manually set up shipping rates. The shipping importer is available in Website Business and Commerce plans.

To import Etsy shipping profiles:

  1. In the Home menu, click Commerce, then click Shipping.
  2. In Shipping options, click Import from Etsy. If you already authenticated your Squarespace site with Etsy, click Start import.
  3. Click Login and import.
  4. Log into your Etsy account.
  5. Click Grant access.

After you import shipping options from Etsy, click Add shipping options to add more shipping rates to your store. To learn more, visit Setting up shipping rates.

Create a consistent look and feel

Use our design tools to create a consistent brand experience across Squarespace and Etsy. You can add a site logo, and change your site’s color theme, fonts, background, and more. To learn more, visit Making style changes and Styling store pages. To learn about styling your Etsy store, visit their help center.

Crosslink with Etsy

If you don’t have an online store on Squarespace, guide visitors to your Etsy shop by adding an external link to it from your navigation menu. We recommend naming the link Etsy Shop. This way, you’ll make it clear that by clicking the link customers will be leaving your Squarespace site. You can also:

  • Add a text link to any page, blog post, or content area.
  • Add button blocks that link to your Etsy shop or specific items.
  • Add a clickthrough URL to turn an image into a link. This is a great option for directing visitors to Etsy if they click an image, like a product photo.

In Etsy, add a link to your Squarespace site in the Around the web section of your store profile.

Use Squarespace's marketing and advertising tools

Use Squarespace’s robust suite of marketing tools to drive traffic to your store and encourage return shoppers.

Advertising tools

If you use Squarespace Commerce, you can tag products on Instagram and create targeted ads using Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, and Facebook Dynamic Ads. You can also connect to marketing extensions like Channable to broaden your reach.

Brand marketing tools

Squarespace has a powerful set of brand marketing tools to help you promote the products on your website. Even if you don’t sell products on Squarespace, you can use our marketing tools to drive traffic to your Etsy Store:

  • Promote your brand on social media - Use the Unfold app to create unique stories for social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. You can also use the Squarespace Video Studio app to create professional quality videos that match the design and branding of your site.
  • Create content to keep your customers engaged - Start a blog on Squarespace to give shoppers a behind-the-scenes look at your brand. If you make your own products, this is a great place to share your creative process with your audience. Blogging with Squarespace has the secondary benefit of boosting your site’s SEO.
  • Build and maintain your audience with a newsletter - Build mailing lists with Squarespace Email Campaigns to let shoppers know about sales, promote your blog posts, and share news about your shop.

Create gated content with Member Areas

With Member Areas, you can charge customers to access certain pages on your site. You can use this service to offer special blog content, early notifications about sales, or ongoing discounts to members. This is also a great way to add a new revenue stream to your business and develop relationships with your brand’s followers. To learn more, read our tips on creating gated content for your brand.

Optimize your store for search engines

Squarespace builds SEO features into every site to help boost your ranking in search engine results. With Squarespace, there’s no need to search for plugins or get under the hood, but there are a few best practices you can follow to help improve your ranking, such as:

For a complete list of recommendations, visit our SEO Checklist and Adding keywords for SEO.

Product categories

Product categories lightly factor into your site’s SEO, but the text on your site—like your product titles and descriptions—is much more important. The main purpose of product categories in Squarespace is to organize the products in your store for easy browsing after visitors arrive, so it’s best to keep them spare and focused. To learn more about how categories work in Squarespace, visit Organizing products.

Managing two online stores

One factor to consider when you have two separate online stores is inventory management. It’s not possible to sync your inventories across both stores. Instead:

  • When a products sells on your Squarespace site - Edit the listing on your Etsy shop to update the quantity, or remove the listing if it's no longer available. To learn more, visit Etsy's help guide.
  • When a product sells on Etsy - Manually adjust your Squarespace stock levels from the Inventory panel.

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