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Creating text links

You can add a link to most text on your site. Use text links to link visitors to more information within bodies of text, like related pages in text blocks, phone numbers or email addresses on contact pages, or an artist's website in an image block caption.

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This video applies to version 7.1.

Add a text link

To add a text link:

  1. Add a text block or click into a text box.
  2. Enter the text for your link.
  3. Highlight the text you want to link.
  4. Click the link icon in the text toolbar.
  5. In the link editor that appears, you can edit the highlighted text and add an external web address. To open the full link editor for more options, click “the gear icon, then click Save after adding your link.
  6. Click Apply.

In the full link editor, follow the steps in Adding links to your site to link to:

Where to add text links

You can add text links to the following areas on your site:

How text links display

Your site's text link display depends on your site's version.

Text links are always underlined.

Here's how linked text appears on your site in these template families:

Template family Notes
Adirondack Never underlined
Avenue Always underlined
Aviator Never underlined
Bedford Only underlined in the footer and pre-footer
Brine Always underlined
Farro Always underlined
Five Never underlined
Flatiron Underlined on hover
Forte Never underlined
Galapagos Only underlined in the content area of the footer
Ishimoto Never underlined
Momentum Never underlined
Montauk Never underlined
Native Underlined everywhere except in the footer
Pacific Only underlined in the footer and pre-footer
Skye Never underlined
Supply Never underlined
Tremont Never underlined
Wells Always underlined
Wexley Only underlined in the content area of the footer
York Never underlined

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