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Reusing images

After you add images to your site, you can find and reuse the same images in other places using image search. This guide explains:

  • How to reuse images across your site
  • How to download stock images for use on other sites
  • Where to purchase more licenses for Getty Images

If you haven't added any images to your site, visit Adding and resizing images.

Where you can reuse images

You can reuse images in most places where image search appears on your site, including:

In some areas, you can upload images, but the uploaded images can’t be reused, including:

Open image search

How you get to image search depends on which version of Squarespace your site is on.

To find and open image search:

  • Image blocks - Click the + icon in the image uploader, then click Select from library.
  • Gallery section images - Click the + icon in the gallery section editor, then click Search Images.
  • Banner/background images - Click the Background tab in a section editor, then click the + icon and select Select from library.
  • Mobile fallback images - Click Search images in the image uploader.
  • Gallery blocks - Click the + icon in the bottom-right corner of the gallery block editor, then click Search images.

To find and open image search:

  • Image blocks - Click the + icon in the image uploader, then click Select from library.
  • Gallery blocks - Click the + icon in the bottom-right corner of the gallery block editor, then click Search Images.
  • Gallery page images - Click the + icon in the gallery page panel, then click Search Images.
  • Page featured images, banner, and mobile fallback images - Click Search For Images in the image uploader.
  • Cover pages - Click Media, click inside the image uploader, then choose Search Images.
  • Background images - Click the Site Background Image icon in Site styles, then click Search For Image.

Browse and add images in My Library

The My Library tab in image search shows images you added, including:

To add images to your site, find and choose the image you want to use. You may need to scroll to view more images. After you click an image, click Add. It's not possible to add multiple images at one time from the My Library tab.

Tip: You can add multiple images at one time by uploading them directly from your device. Click Add Image or the + icon and choose Upload Images, then press Shift and select all the images you want added to your site.

You can also view image details by hovering over the image and clicking the three dots. Image details include File Name, Type, date added, Dimensions, and Size. To learn about filtering and searching images, visit Searching and adding stock images.

Keep in mind:

  • All images you upload appear in this tab until you delete every instance of the image from your site. After it's deleted, our system automatically removes images sometime between 8 to 38 days. To learn more, visit Image and file URLs in Squarespace.
  • Unsplash and licensed Getty Images appear even after deleting all instances of the image. It's not possible to remove stock images from your image search.
  • If you upload the same image to your site multiple times, multiple versions will appear. To avoid confusion, rename the image file before uploading it to your site.
  • If you add stock images, they only appear on the site where they were purchased. It’s not possible to move images between Squarespace sites.


Save your original images from My Library

While it's not possible to download all images from your site at one time, you can download the original file of individual images, one at a time, from the My Library tab in image search. To download images:

  1. While logged into your site, go to a page where you added images and open image search.
  2. In the My Library tab, hover over the image you want to download and click the three dots.
  3. In the image preview pop-up, right-click the image and save it to your device.


Download and reuse Unsplash images

You can download, copy, modify, and distribute Unsplash images for free. When you download Unsplash images, you can reuse them across multiple sites by uploading them the same way you upload images you own.

It's not possible to download Unsplash images from My Library if you already added the image to your site. Instead, search Unsplash and download the image directly from their site.

To learn more about Unsplash's licensing, visit Unsplash and Squarespace.

License Getty Images for use outside Squarespace

Getty Image purchases through Squarespace are only licensed for use on your site. You can license more sizes and resolutions for print, social media, or commercials. To learn more about licensing, visit Getty Images and Squarespace.

To purchase more licenses, find where you added the licensed Getty Image and open the image editor. Follow the link to view the licensing options.

Note: Licensing links don't appear in gallery blocks.

Here's how this looks in image blocks:


Add images from the Squarespace app

In the Squarespace app, use the Home tab shortcut to add reusable images from your device.

  1. In the Home tab, tap +, then tap Import images for your site
  2. Tap all images you want to import, then tap Import
  3. After the import is complete, tap I'm done, or tap Add more to import more images. 
  4. When you're done, you'll return to the Home tab.

You can now reuse your imported images when you're logged into your site on a computer. It's not possible to reuse images in the Squarespace app.

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