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Reusing stock images

After you’ve added a stock image from Unsplash or Getty Images, you can add it again anywhere on your site with Image Search. To use Getty Images for content outside of your site, you can purchase additional licenses for your image.

Reuse a stock image

You can reuse a stock image wherever the Image Search appears on your site. To reuse a stock image: 

  1. Open the image uploader. For specific steps, visit Searching and adding stock images.
  2. In the Image Search window, switch the toggle to Recent.
  3. Scroll to find the image you want to use, then click Preview. For premium Getty Images, you’ll only see the images you’ve licensed.
  4. Click Add To Site.


Download an Unsplash image

You can download, copy, modify, and distribute any Unsplash images for free. This allows you to reuse Unsplash images across multiple sites by uploading them the same way you upload images you own

It’s not possible to download an original Unsplash image file after adding it to your site, but you can look for the original image on Unsplash by clicking the artist’s name before clicking Add To Site. This takes you directly to user’s profile on on Unsplash where you can search for the image and download the original version.


You can also search Unsplash’s entire site using the same search terms you used in the Squarespace integration.

Purchase additional licensing for Getty Images

Getty Image purchases through Squarespace are only licensed for use on your site. You can license additional sizes and resolutions for print, social media, or commercials.

To purchase additional licensing:

  1. Open any image uploader. For specific steps, visit Searching and adding stock images.
  2. In the Image Search window, click the Recent toggle.
  3. Find the Getty Image you want to purchase, then click View License.
  4. The image's licensing page will open in a new tab. Follow the instructions on that page to purchase additional licensing and download the image.


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