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Adding additional information to products

You can add custom content to a product's page by adding blocks in the Additional Info tab of the product editor. This helps you enhance the page's layout and provide details that entice customers to make a purchase.

The Additional Info field is great for adding:

  • Additional images
  • Product videos
  • Related products
  • Dimensions, care instructions, ingredients, and disclaimers
  • Shipping and return information
  • Reviews via a third-party service

Step 1 - Open the product

In the Home Menu, click Pages. Click a Products Page. Double-click a product to open the product editor. For detailed steps, visit Editing a product.

Step 2 - Add additional info

In the product editor, click Additional Info.

Hover over the box and click an Insert Point to add a blocks.

You can add any block to this section, just as you can with pages and blog posts. Some recommended blocks for Additional Info include:

  • Text Blocks for adding details like dimensions, care instructions, ingredients, disclaimers, and shipping information
  • Gallery Blocks for adding images of different angles and variants
  • Video Blocks for embedding product videos via YouTube or Vimeo
  • Product Blocks for adding visual links to related products

Continue adding and moving blocks around the Additional Info box until you design a custom layout, and then click Save.

To learn more about adding blocks. visit About blocks.

Note: The Additional Info editor will always display a Text Block as a placeholder. If you don't want to display additional product information, leave the Text Block blank. Don't delete it, as this will prevent saving. 

How additional info displays

The Additional Information's placement depends on your template.

In most templates, the blocks display directly below the main product images like in the example below.

There are two exceptions to this layout.


The Galapagos template displays a More Info link which scrolls to the Additional Info area.


The Supply template displays an Additional Info + link which opens an overlay window containing the Additional Info content.

Additional information examples

If you want to add additional information to your products but aren't sure where to start, use these examples as inspiration.

Recommended products

Use Product Blocks to suggest related items to your shoppers. To display products in Product Blocks, these products must already be in your store.

Product details

You can provide further information about a product, including dimensions, care instructions, ingredients, disclaimers, and more, with a Text Block.

Adding a Gallery Block lets you display images of variants or different angles.

Related videos

Use Video Blocks to add your official product videos, review videos, or other related video content.

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Adding additional information to products