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Logging into Squarespace

You can log into Squarespace from using the email address and password connected to your account. This guide covers how to log in. If you have multiple Squarespace sites, you’ll learn how to log into the correct one.

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Step 1 - Log in

  1. Go to This will bring you to a login page that looks like this:
  2. Enter the email address and password you used to sign up for your site, and then click Log In.
Tip: If you used Google+ to create your account, click Log in with Google.

Step 2 - Confirm your site

If you have one site

If you only have one site, you’ll now be logged in. Check your URL in the address bar to confirm you’re logged into the correct site.

If the site isn’t correct, double-check the email address you used to log in. If you may have created another account using a different email address, try logging in again using your alternate email address.

If you have multiple sites

If you have multiple sites connected to your account, after entering your email address and password, you'll see your Account Dashboard. Here you can see a thumbnail image, site title, and connected domains for every site connected to your account. Check the thumbnail and site title to ensure you log into the right site.

You can switch between sites in your account by clicking the avatar at the bottom of the Home Menu.

Other ways to log in

You can also log into your site by visiting your built-in or custom domain and adding /config to the end. For example:


Replace “your-site” with your built-in or custom domain name.

If Esc Key Login is enabled, you can press Esc while visiting any page of your site to open the login page.

Stay logged in

To save time, you have the option of remaining logged in. You'll be taken directly to your account page without having to enter your credentials each time. If you're inactive, you'll remain logged in for up to 90 days unless you change browsers or clear your cache, which logs you out automatically. If you don't want to stay logged in, you can log out at any time.

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Logging into Squarespace