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Starting over

To start over with your site, you can start a new trial, reset style settings, or reinstall your template. This guide explores the benefits of each option.

Option 1 - Start a new trial

The simplest way to start over completely is to start a new 14-day trial. This lets you work on a new site and keep your current site active. Before you choose this option, note that it isn't possible to transfer billing subscriptions or content between sites. However, you can copy and paste text and re-upload images to recreate your site, then cancel billing and upgrade the trial on a new subscription.

When your new site is ready:

We recommend these two optional steps:

Option 2 - Switch templates

To use a new template on the same site, you can switch templates without starting over. Your pages will move to your Not Linked section so you can move your content onto a new site design.

Option 3 - Reset the Style Editor

You can reset your template's style tweaks to their defaults. Fonts, background images, spacing, colors, and and other styles will revert to how they appeared when you first installed the template. This won't change other areas of your site..

  1. In the Home Menu, click Design, and then click Style Editor.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click Reset Styles to Defaults.
  3. Review the confirmation message, and click Reset.
  4. After saving the Style Editor, your template will reset to its default styles.
Note: After saving the Style Editor, this change isn't reversible.

Option 4 - Reinstall your template

You can uninstall and reinstall your template to delete all changes made in the Style Editor, navigation, sidebars, and footer. Reinstalling the template restores some of its demo content.

Step 1 - Install a new template

To reinstall your current template, you'll need to temporarily install a different template. Choose any template you want.

Note: This template will be your live template while you reset your other template. If your site isn't password-protected, visitors will see the temporary template's demo content while you're completing this process.
  1. In the Home Menu, click Design, and then click Template.
  2. Click Install New Template. 
  3. On the Select a Template page, click any template.
  4. Click Install.
  5. In the Template panel, hover over the temporary template and click Preview.
  6. Then in the banner at the bottom of your site, click Set as Live Template.
  7. Click Confirm in the message that appears.

Step 2 - Reinstall your old template

  1. Hover over the original template and click Uninstall, then click Confirm.
  2. Click Install New Template again.
  3. On the Select a Template page, select the original template again.
  4. Click Install Template.
  5. In the Templates panel, hover over the template and click Preview, then Set as Live Template.
  6. The template will now be live with its original style settings and demo content.
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